Whorns most overrated team of last decade...But we knew that

Here’s the SB Nation link.

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It’s not even close. Was Tennessee second with -11 to Texas’s -18 score?

Kansas came in at -13. Michigan, whom I dislike almost as much as whorns, -10.

If you adjusted those numbers by the revenue coming in, Texas would be the worst program in the history of college athletics.


I expect sportswriters look at draft status routinely and that’s what happens to tu, doing less with more.

Still won’t stop ESPN from having them in their pre-season top 25…probably somewhere in the teens I’d wager…

Edit add: And…what a lazy *** reporter…doing only P5s. We need to bust writers chops for doing this crap!

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Whorns, Notre Dame, Miami and Michigan

These writers are stuck in the early '90s


I didn’t think about ND. Wonder why he left them off. When the “experts” talk it’s always ‘the P5 and ND’.

And Florida State in with a -8 for WORST in the ACC.
Nice get Aggies!!

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You may be mistaken. The article was about over rated P5’s.
I do not think there are any over rated P6’s.

Just saying …

What does it say about their fan support that they continue to be highest in Athletic Department reveneus, among the top 10 in attendance and still have high TV ratings?

Seriously have to envy the fact that they can still raise $20 million + in 2 appearances by Herman. And the fact that they can turn to alumni to fund a hugely expensive buyout of Charlie Strongs contract.

and the PUF


Well the PUF has nothing to do with alumni/booster donation, tv ratings, Home attendance etc.

Offsets $ so that those donations can go to other things.

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Cincy was favored by some to win their division in 2016 and they tanked pretty good. And UH under performed that year as well.

So P6’s under and over achieve too.

His method was projected finish and actual finish based on the preseason conference poll. As Independent, not an easy way to judge ND unless you look at national rankings preseason and final but that is apples and oranges to what he did.

Yeah, you’re right. ND is one of my perennial overrated teams even without a methodology!

No doubt. Win 1 and it seemed like they were in the Top 15 automatically if they were not in the preseason Top 25.

Remember 2 years ago when Texas barely scraped by ND at home in double OT and was declared “Back!” only to have ND finish the year 4-8 and Texas finish 5-7? I have no idea why Texas and ND always get such a boost in the preseason. You would think by now the voters would be embarrassed after being proven so wrong so many times.


I believe their AD has its own fund raising arm separate from academic. But I could be wrong on this. I recall reading somewhere a couple of years ago that when they were raising money for a new building

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