Why a 10 Win Season next year is a pipe dream

another factor is our internal hires took over on rebuilding years …


Agree, DOC…this coming season compares very closely to 75 and 76…CBY redshirted a lot of talented players in 75 and we went 2-9.He did this to have the best possible team for our SWC debut…and everyone knows we were SWC champs and beat no. 4 Maryland in the Cotton Bowl in 76…
We are going to have a MAJOR turn around next year…

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Once again just wondering who Yeoman redshirted in ‘75 who made a difference? Qb Jones was coming off an injury but this old mind can’t think of any More. Hodge quit the team and came back in ‘76

This is so true! I think people forget how Meacham would meet him on the sideline after every series. It did not matter if it was a good series or bad series I always saw him sit down with JOK to talk about what was going on out there. The following year, I don’t remember ever seeing Bush talk to him once.

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Charlie McClendon was also an internal hire at LSU when Paul Dietzel left. He did well enough to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He just had a problem beating Bear Bryant and Alabama, which was a common theme among coaches facing Bear Bryant’s Crimson Tide.

I think we are talking apples and oranges here. I think the discussion should be how many G5 assistants have taken over the head job at their school. We have not had great luck at UH in hoops or football.

Fire up the " Fire Everyone in CDH vicinity" posts!

Mmmmmm… pipe dreams


As far as G5 assistants going to head coach, I can think of one good example (I don’t follow all teams close enough to know more).

Patterson went from DC to HC at TCU when they were in CUSA. That turned out pretty well

Guy Lewis was an assistant to Pasche and took the HC position when Pasche left. I think he did pretty well.


Would that be the last example of an internal hire working out for us? At least in football or basketball since I don’t follow the other sports? If so, then we haven’t had great luck with them.

The only other internal hire I know of for hoops was Alvin Brooks. The internal hires for football that I know of were Jenkins, Levine, and Applewhite.

How did the next 2 fare? 1 out of 3…this isn’t baseball

Lewis to Foster to Brooks.

Yep it did and the Frogs coughed up lots of money to keep him and then later got the P5 invite. He was a hot commodity and many P5 schools came after him.
We are paying Holgorsen big bucks and hoping for similar results.

Boise did it a couple of times with Hawkins and Petersen.

Yes, that’s the example I was referring to over 60 years ago.

As for other sports, I think Leroy Burrell was for track and field.

Lewis to Foster wasn’t an internal hire.

Foster came here from Lamar.


Yeps. I always think of him being internal for some reason and this is like the third time in the last ten years someone has corrected me and then I remember. Getting hit in the head too much and aging is starting to mess with the memory.

Ian, look at how many coaches we’ve hired that weren’t internal hires that turned out badly. If all the external hires were great, every team would be champions. After Yeoman, we had Pardee (22-11), Jenkins (18-15), Helton (24-53-1), Dimmel (8-26), Briles (34-29), Sumlin (36-17), Levine (21-17), Herman (22-5), Applewhite (15-10), and Holgorsen.

Internal hires Jenkins, Levine, and Applewhite did better overall than Helton, Dimmel, and Briles but not as good as Pardee and Herman. However, Briles did win CUSA once with a 10-4 record and Helton won CUSA once with a 7-5 record in the middle of his two 1 win seasons, one 2 win season, and two 3 win seasons.

Jenkins had one good record 10-1, but two 4-7 records.

Briles had only one season with more than 8 wins; his seasons were 7-6, 3-8, 6-6, 10-4, and 8-5 for a 53% winning record. People on this board would have wanted him gone after two years and definitely after 3 – all of which were less than 8-5.

Levine was 5-7, 8-5, and 8-5 (60% wins). Major was 8-5 and 7-5 (60% wins).

What I found interesting is that so many guys on these boards complained about Major being a “down the hall” hire and were mad because they wanted to hire Todd Orlando which would have been a “down the hall” hire.

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