Why a 10 Win Season next year is a pipe dream

Op is right. Let’s start with Cincy, UCF, Wash St., Memphis. All double digit losses. We’ll just start there. If you like watching the Coogs win become a basketball fan. We just lost our best player on paper on both sides of the ball and it wasn’t particularly close. We stunk last year and we’re gonna stink next year. I’ll support and watch and hope I’m wrong. You can be a realist and a good Coog at the same time.


I don’t think UH will stink next year but the AAC road schedule is rough. I am hoping for 8-4 but would take 7 wins right now if offered.

Are you willing to give pipe dream odds on the wager?

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Same people predicting less than 10 think we will win 10 games in 2021 with every starter leaving except the QB they have little faith in to win 10 in 2020. Smh!


Those QBs was the bigger reason why we won Big!

@WasSoonerNowCoog I’m patiently waiting your rebuttal friend. Don’t take too long to respond though, the season might start and Tune might prove you wrong by then. :sunglasses:

I just want to beat Memphis. We haven’t beaten them in four years.

I will narrow that down for ya.

Good coach and maintain stability equals a program that should win or at least threaten 10 wins just about every season.


Great post. #Truth



I don’t always agree with your posts, but I do always enjoy the undefeated prediction.

I’m just looking for improvement and an above .500 record.


Sumlin and Briles were in years 2, 4 and 4 of their tenures, respectively. I wouldn’t put Tom Herman in quite the same category as those two since his one great season at UH was his first season with a bunch of players that he didn’t evaluate and recruit.

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What the Hell makes you think we deserve 10 win seasons every year when we make hires like Applewhite? And no one has anointed Clayton anything. We just observed two QBs struggling behind a makeshift line. Clayton shouldn’t be at King’s level. He’s barely past being a freshman with a hurt hamstring.

Relax dude, Coach Holgorsen only been our head coach for 1 year! Give the man some time to put things together! Sheesh!

And frankly, I seriously don’t think King would make our team better! What would make our team better is having a much better o-line that can actually block and give the QB time to throw the ball!


This is not an effective use of predictive analytics.

I’m just as befuddled with how so many of y’all are ready to anoint Clayton Tune and make excuses for him when he hasn’t performed at an elite level.
And what is your excuse for King’s failure last year?


This is correct.

To the original question of why a 10-win season next yr is a pipe-dream…

Dana Holgorsen, that’s why.

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Don’t see us being good anytime soon. Suspect OL, suspect QB play = embrace the suck. Program momentum seems to have stalled and coach isn’t very endearing. Hope wrong.


When are we going to accept that after the Applewhite clownshow and Herman fleecing the incoming class, program was gutted. Patience isn’t in the cards these days but IMO Year 3 is going to be the calling card. Have no idea if King was still struggling from injury or just couldn’t function as a QB in CDH O but he was not good last year. Anxious to see how Tune does this year, think he’s got the tools


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