Why Did Cincy's Cumberland Sit Out?


Definitely their best player and among the best in the league but he sat out like the last 4-5 minutes. Was he injured?

(Albert) #2

I don’t know. He looked exhausted. Maybe his coach was teaching him a lesson for the weak defensive move he tried on cdjr.

(Patrick) #3

He was gassed and the game was out of reach at that point. Don’t think he was happy with Cumberland.
Said after the game that they tried to get in a shooting match with the Coogs and the Coogs are a better shooting team.

(Jim Fletcher) #4

Sometimes it is better to take a player out when he is having a tough time and shows no sign of coming out of it. Cronin knows Cumberland well, and obviously saw something that was not good.

I recall one game in Hofheinz the first time that Hakeem matched up against Arkansas’ Joe Klein. Klein was a highly sought after big man recruit, and a favorite to be an All American and high NBA draft choice. He couldn’t even get a shot off, and Olajuwon was killing him. So Klein started traveling trying to get a shot off. Eddie Sutton saw enough, took Klein out and sat him rather than watch him struggle.

Cronin is looking to future games. No reason to harm your main player.


In his postgame press conference, Cronin said he new the game was over and Cumberland was gassed so he left him on the bench.


From the article…
He was better Sunday, grinding out 20 points, nine of them from the free throw line. Cronin said his best player was tired and asked to come out. Also, “He was not rotating defensively,’’ said Cronin. “You don’t rotate defensively, you don’t rebound’’ you don’t play. “We weren’t going to win the game. Plus, it’s been a long year. He’s beat up physically.’’


Man, Cronin just seems like sour grapes. To me, it looks bad when a coach bad mouths his team publicly like that. Good grief, you can’t tell me that the Bearcat players didn’t want to win their last game at home and at least share a conference title. Just realize that they flatly got manhandled by a top program.

(Cougarpad) #8

I’ve always thought he is an a**h*le. Just looking at his mug says look at this jerk. He obviously has no offensive coaching ability. His little tirades on the court are stupid.


Corey tapped him out.


I heard someone gave him a chop block a few games ago and he is now saving himself for the NBA.

(Munzell Milluns) #11

Cronin is a sarcastic but excellent coach. He takes responsibility seriously. And he considers challenging the heart and manhood of his players his responsibility.

They just aren’t the best team this year. The Cincy media should get over it.

(Brad) #12

Cronin and Samson played golf in the off season and they speak highly of each other. I’m not a huge Cronin fan, but if he’s good enough for coach, he’s good enough for me.

(Albert) #13

He’s had a great run at UC. great coach and for the most part they own us. Not this season tho.

(Munzell Milluns) #14

That press conference was all about our third meeting in the conference tourney.

(Thomas) #15

Again, in the 2nd half of the game, Hinton was guarding Cumberland for the most part and there was no Gap to the basket. Cronin knew it was fruitless to keep him out there, so why not sit him down and rest him for later this week.


He pulled Cumberland right after this play with 6:17 left. Davis blew right by him for a layup and one. Cumberland’s effort was basically non existent on the play. Flat footed, reached and watched Corey go to the bucket. Cumberland never got back in and their coaches game remarks probably are a message to him mostly.



Yep, I agreed! Cincy brought their A game in the first half, with them getting a ton of foul calls. But UH turn it on in the 2nd half and blew them out.


IIRC he still managed to score as many points in the last 6 minutes from the bench as he did in the last 6 mins of our first game with them.



Does Cronin require his assistant coaches to have the same haircut?