Why does Allen not run the zone read?

(J V ) #1

So far this season I can only think of Allen running but a few times(less than 5).

Granted he is not Ward but he is not slow either. There is no question he is a better passer than Postma.

But if Allen only is a passer then it makes it easier to defend. Is there a reason he doesn’t run if there is not a throw but a spot he can run too? Why doesn’t he keep it on zone read plays?

I would like to see Allen run the offense as Postma does to make an equal comparison.



Here’s the problem for both quarterbacks; neither is really suited to the style of option football we run now and played last year. That offense worked with Greg Ward because he was a serious threat to run. Allen is a drop back passer. Postma is game and can run but not a Greg Ward. I don’t understand why we did not install an offense to match the quarterback. Whether its Allen or Postma these are not the right players for the scheme. Change the scheme to match the player.

(J V ) #3

I agree but it’s too late to change the system.

I get it that Allen is a pocket passer and saw what we ran before choosing to come here. What did he think? He doesn’t have to be Ward like running, but something that keeps the defense honest and guessing. If he won’t run then he is limiting the play calling options.

(CoogNation_14) #4

Because the coach didn’t want to commit to a QB. I knew him playing his stupid games with the QB situation would cost us. And it will likely cost us the season. I say this because we cannot pivot our offense at this stage in the season to fit the player. The coaches were admitting that they are system coaches all off-season and we didn’t realize it. They admitted it by saying the QB that does best will be the QB. I.E “the QB that plays best in the system”. What they should have done was create an offense to fit the players, instead they were so focused on “Doing things like we always have”. Rookie Head Coach mistakes.


Allen is faster than Postma. Allen just doesn’t decide to run as often.

(J V ) #6

Run often? How about ever?

(Patrick) #7

He doesn’t run because he doesn’t like to get hit. He’s run once this year, at the goal line against Arizona, and was hit and fumbled. Hasn’t really tried to run since.