Why is Postma not on the field?

(J V ) #1

It is clear Allen is the back up, Postma is a senior and a play maker. Why is he not on the field? Is MA saving him for something?


Good question. That is just baffling. It appears the OC doesn’t have a clue that Postma can run and catch a pass.


Just like we were holding back plays in the early games. :laughing:

(hersh levitt) #4

He is injured

(J V ) #5

When and how did he get injured? Practice?


HE was injuried in the game before USF.

(J V ) #7

But he started Against USF. Huh


That is correct on the start, but he was hurt late in the previous game. They were actually trying to see if he could play through the pain.


Wow so that means that King played because of absolute necessity not by a clear thought out decision by this staff. It paid off by luck and then state that he is the obvious starter for ECU. Because before USF that clearly stated that he wasn’t ready.

Either lies or our staff is more clueless than we thought.