Why Memphis looks more like a bubble team in March

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Pessimistic view but wholey understandable. Memphis is usually overrated. And I don’t think the media is sold on Penny as a coach.


I agree with article…I just don’t see them as a team that will get better as the season goes along. But who knows?


The problem with Memphis is they play wild against us…borderline out of control. And sometimes we struggle against that. WSU did that our first meeting three years ago. They were throwing ### at 35 feet.

Cumberland plays like that against us too. He goes all out and takes shots like a drunk gambler.

We could have a hard time if one of Memphis’ guards decides to launch twenty-five 3’s. They’re an above average rebounding team.

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Did you see anything last nite that made you think Hardaway is a good coach?

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I like our chances if Memphis takes 25 3’s. We’ve outrebounded every opponent this season.

This is only an article because the talking heads decided to preseason them in the final four.

No. I don’t think Penny is a good coach. But someone on their staff is teaching them something.

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Wichita St crashed the boards hard. That will be a great battle under the basket for us.

I did like this part:

"The American has eight teams in the top 100 of BPI – the same as the Pac-12. "

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I don’t think Penny is a bad coach. I think he might eventually be a good coach. A bad coach would have thrown in the towel and let the last couple of minutes against WSU play out. He called time outs and kept trying to score and play defense. He wanted his team to experience trying to make a hopeless comeback. He wants them to be prepared. He lacks experience for sure and I think he has been given too much credit too soon, but I think his heart is in it. He wouldn’t have coached AAU and High School if he wasn’t interested in coaching.


Think about UH’s experiment with Clyde Drexler. It takes a special temperament to go from being a superstar player to becoming a championship coach. Very few can make the transition.

Penny as smart enough to hire some good assistants…just curious how Hardaway is at attending all of the practices and hitting the recruiting trail. Let’s face it, he was an instant hit with mainly kids he coached at the AAU level…
But let’s see what happens at the end of this season…how many of his current kids will declare for the draft? How good will he recruit from here on out?
Memphis is a good place to coach…large crowds, great “incentives” for athletes including moving bonuses, etc. If Memphis catches fire with this young bunch, and they can, the future for the Tiger program will glow.
But as we learned with Clyde at the helm, things can change in the blinking of an eye…