Why the 4th and 1 Failed & King Int(Pics)


4th and 1 …we go hurry up. its an inside zone handoff all the way. King is not reading this…we are betting that we can get them on tempo.

From the pre snap you can see they have 8 in box. We have only 6 blockers…not good but if we block some people could still get yard

Our C, and RG get blown into backfield…looks like was supposed to go that way…Car cuts it back. LT #62 fires out and makes good contact but is too high and gets shedded by DT(next frame)

TE #87 Leslie blocks neither edge player and goes for LB…this also proves play was supposed go other side. Car vs 3 guys…over

Play #2 Int in End Zone

bottom screen looks like man coverage on 88 and 15

On snap CB #17is on #88 Dunbar…King is already looking at #15 Bonner and wants him on flag route

#17 comes off Dunbar…this was either done to trick King or he read Kings eyes and dropped off

King throws into double coverage and 17 intercepts. Dunbar is uncovered underneath. this could have still worked but King under threw it


What a godawful series of play calls on that 4th down stop.
2nd, 3rd and 4th down runs up the middle.

Not to mention, when you are less than 50% on converting on 4th down (and thus the TD/FG math is equal) in a limited possession game (where you don’t have a lot of chances to make up for failure), you kick the FG there.

(Patrick) #3

On the 4th and 1, I disagree with the analysis. This was a counter play and was run exactly how it was called. Problem was, you don’t run counters against an 8 man front on 4th and 1.

The entire line is blocking to the right (See 52 B.Jones and 62 J.Williams and how they are facing in the picture and compare Leslie’s position to where he was lined up in the 1st picture). This was a designed play for the line to block right and Car to take a step to the right and then run off Leslie.

Problem is, you only have 6 guys blocking 8, and with the 2 unblocked guys crashing right (along with 62 Williams missing his block), they are in perfect position to stop Car.

This was a terrible play-call on 4th and 1 and is completely on the OC.

The other play was completely on King. 1) He has Dunbar wide open in the flat as 17 reads King’s eyes. If King hits Dunbar, possibility he runs it in for a TD. Still, Bonner had space in the endzone, but King underthrew the ball. In that type of play, you throw it to the back pylon and let Bonner be the only one that can make the play. His underthrow allowed 17 to enter the picture and make the pick.

This one was the right play call, but poor execution by the young QB.

(J V ) #4

Great analysis. One is a bad play call and the other can be looked at as a great play call by Tulane forcing King into a mistake.

Now, if there are only 6 blocking 8 you are pinning your hopes on tempo and we all know how that works.

It does not seem King has the option to call and audible. I have heard that King may not even have a real control of RPO that it is dictated by the sideline.

(Patrick) #5

I doubt he does due to his inexperience at the position and his time splitting between QB/WR. My guess is that he may receive some leeway with more practice time leading up to the bowl game and next season.



If it was a counter, why is there no blocker coming from our right side. The RG or RT or both would be pulling to left. If thats the case, this wouldn’t have worked against 6 in box never mind 8. If Leslie is blocking down(counter), edge player would be unblocked regardless.
If 62 makes his block, it still had chance…Car runs right into him and gets assistance from unblocked guy off edge.
RPO wouldn’t have worked from that formation either. If King had option to keep it…he would being going to his left after inside fake to Car…there were 2 unblocked edge players, even if 1 gets drawn in theres another there


I guarantee this is the case. It is part of the growing pains with a new QB. Now you can say that the OC had two weeks to get him more up to speed and allow more decision making. We probably would have best served to call a timeout here.

I do agree with Manster there, that isn’t a counter. The play is supposed to go right and actually could work if the RG and C doesn’t get blown into the backfield causing Car to go left. If King has the option to keep, he makes the right decision. The bigger problem I see is that we have been predictable on short yardage. Tulane knew that so they loaded the box with pretty much all out rush (shut down the run) and had the 3 corners up close on the WRs (shut down the WR screen). A fake WR screen probably leads to an easy TD throw as Tulane has told their players to crash down hard on that.

(Mike Higdon) #8

Finally, someone is giving Tulane credit for playing well. As Coach Yeoman used to say, “They give scholarships too.”

As for what you heard about what King has permission or authority to do, unless you heard it from the coach or QB, it is just hearsay. I would understand him having limited authority which is commensurate with limited experience. But, when running the run-option, he must have the ability to actually do the option.

(Bryant Hargrave) #9

King has had a bad habit of starting down receivers from what I’ve seen. Which is some inexperience save with the underthrow, agreed a problem in execution. Rushed tempo hand up the middle has been a waste of a down all year with a really low success rate. That is coaching period, when you run the save unsuccessful play over and over it shows a lack growth.