Why was the state of Texas so bad in 2016?


There are more schools impacting recruiting in Texas, SEC members are giving Texas more attention. Both UH and SMU are recruiting at higher levels. Even schools like Memphis and Tulsa are having an impact. Doubt if this is an unusual occurrence.

Just think what recruiting would look like if another major conference such as the PAC would move into Texas with a member school in a major metropolitan area.

Come to the Big12 where you can visit the lovely cities of Waco, Lubbock, Stillwater, Norman, Lawrence, Ames, Ft Worth, Morgantown, and Austin. You also get to visit Manhattan (KS). The conference has also had one representative in the CFB Playoffs so far (More than 5 other conferences and all independents). Finally, the games will regularly be on FS1 where tens of thousands will watch. And hey…our conference is set to stay together through 2025 so you’ll have stability (hopefully). If it does break up, at least three of our schools will be picked up by other P4 conferences.


We have been the best football team in the state the past 2 years. We can’t capitalize on that momentum because of selfish coaches.

I know I say it all the time but this buyout will go a long way towards getting better players to choose UH over the Big12.

Stability plus winning. Can have 1 without the other.

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