Wichita S U bball tickets

(James Alger) #1

I called the ticket office today and asked where were my tickets to the Coogs vs Shockers basketball game here on January 20th. A person said they have not been printed yet since the venue has not been determined. I told them when I bought the tickets it showed the game at TSU. I asked if the game being changed to Toyota Center and they could not say yes or no. I asked if it is, how will it be determined where my tickets would be located since they have assigned seating and their answer was: it will be determined by your Cougar points (money you have spent, contributed, etc…).
The Rockets play at Toyota Center the evening of the 20th and the Coogs are scheduled to play at 11:00 am that same day in a TBD site. Looking and sounding like Toy Center to me.

(Patrick) #2

Yep, Sampson’s been telling people it will be at the Toyota Center.

(gpropes) #3

We’re playing at Toyota Center. The BOR approved the contract at the November meeting. We might play the UConn game there as well.

(Cristian) #4

how do we buy tickets for this game? online it shows January 2nd and at TSU unless thats what you meant?

(James Alger) #5

We are football season ticket holders and have an account. I called the Coogs ticket number and ordered them. Where your tickets willbe will be determined by the points ($) built up over the years. I’m betting on the nose bleed area.

(David) #6

(Patrick) #7

Probably a good idea on the UCONN game. They haven’t regained their championship form yet and aren’t going to be a draw.

(Mike Hull) #8

I don’t think that will be an issue. I don’t suppose we’ll have too many more fans than usual–maybe 4 or 5,000.

I’d love to be wrong, but I’m pretty sure we’ll all fit in the lower part of the arena with plenty of room to spread out.

(Patrick) #9



(Eric Prado) #10

OK Fertitta…

Well this could help us. Smaller arena Bigger crowd vs Bigger arena Smaller Crowd.

(gpropes) #11

That’s… bizarre.

(srassen7) #12

There’s no way we can draw the kind of crowd to make the Toyota Center not still look cavernous. If we get 9-10K for WSU (which seems… ambitious) that’s still barely half capacity at TC right?

(PMM) #13

I think the bigger issue is that we will have somewhat of a home court advantage (familiarity) as opposed to the TC.

Could be a big win.