Wichita State Football Feasibility Study released

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Wichita State releases study on feasibility of adding football

Football remains expensive and the report details start-up facility costs of more than $40 million and football budgets that start around $6 million annually.

As Boatright said recently, the release of the report is not considered a “confetti cannons” moment. The purpose of the report is not to make recommendations. It provides Wichita State with information regarding the steps necessary to start a football program, both at the lower-level Championship Subdivision and highest-level Bowl Subdivision, including cost, manpower, facilities and gender-equity compliance.

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“What it boiled down to was everybody wants it, nobody wants to pay for it,” Bardo said. “[Football] is not something we’re going to spend a lot of time on unless the external situation changes where people change and decide to put money into it.”