Wichita State game basically sold out?

(Christopher W Allison) #1

Not official, but I just went and bought 5 tickets and there are only a handful of seats to be sold, unless they are holding some back. There were only 3 rows that I could buy 5 seats together. I just hope I didn’t buy tickets in the WS section as last year their fans showed up in force.

(Jimmy Morris) #2

Did you purchase on the website or over the phone?

(Christopher W Allison) #3

UH website

(Jimmy Morris) #4

You might have had many more choices had you called on the phone. I don’t think 5 ticket in one row availability for mini packages is a good measuring tool for being basically sold out.

(Dan) #5

WSU travelled very well at our game at TSU last year.

(Munzell Milluns) #6

Yep. WSU does support their team.


They had the best fan support of all the visiting teams last year.

(Patrick) #8

at least 1/3 of the crowd at TSU were Wichita State fans. Wouldn’t be surprised to see that one sell out early.