Wichita State perspective

Interesting read. I think some of them have the right idea to try to get into the Big East.
Link is set to page 63. One week ago.

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Hard to read but I feel their pain.


Yep, I spend over half of my time on the road and I have yet to hear anyone say UH going to the Big8/12 is a great idea.

I understand the money from the 8/12 for a yr or two.

After that (2025) realignment and we will be left out in the cold unless Basketball ends up in the Final 8/ 4 again over the next 3yrs.

I just don’t see it.

The 8/12 is a dumpster fire and sounds like we are going to hop right in it. SMH

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We will almost definitely be left in the cold of we don’t join. We raise the chances significantly that we don’t get left if we get under the Power tent.

Think about Texas Tech. Think anyone would be considering adding them to their conference if they weren’t under the tent already? But they are and thus automatically post of the conversation. now we remove this distinguisher that was between us and them. Same goes with Baylor, and most of the rest of that bunch, really.


The NCAA would have to vote unanimously to demote the Big 12 from P5 “equity” status.

Ain’t happening.

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I agree. We have to bolt to the 8/12. Just for the money.

The money will keep us afloat for a good while.

I love my school, but we have to win and win BIG.

This was the yr to do it. 0-1 does not do it.

Little Dana needs to go.

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The NCAA is not in charge of anything anymore.

It’s the NIL & ESPN.

When an incoming freshman can make a cool million, the rules and regulations of the NCAA do not apply anymore.

They (NCAA) are a paper Tiger and will be gone in 2 to 3 yrs.

College football is the new game in town and it’s not about academics and student athletes.

It’s millionaires coaches and billionaires schools.

Next are millionaire players at this level.

The NFL is gonna have a problem if they do get a hold of this beast of college football.


Guess again.

The five so called “Power” conferences have that designation thanks to the NCAA by laws which designate them as such, regardless of the size of their TV deals.

ESPN doesn’t determine that.

Hey listen. We stay in a non-equity conference (AAC), and we write our own death warrant.

That’s a guarantee of being permanently poor and largely irrelevant.

Jump to an equity conference when you have the chance and you at least give yourself a shot at long term survival and relevance.

Fail to do so………and you perish.


The NCAA by laws also said student athletes could not be paid by out side money.

NIL smashed the NCAA bylaws and it’s doing just what the NCAA said could not be done.

The NCAA now has changed the by laws to reflect the NIL. This is not the 1900-2019 NCAA.

The NCAA is a paper tiger.

If we stay an NCAA institution that is fine.

We will not be a Power school. I am good with that. Let’s make that decision now instead of later.

SEC and the others are going to push the NCAA to the side and do what they want.

I remember 10yrs ago overseas and you could not take classes through the Internet. Brick and mortar was the only way you could go to school.

Now almost 3/4 of classes are through the Internet.

The NCAA is an antiquated entity.

Our own administration is still trying to get their heads around the NIL.

Others schools and their alumni are crushing it.

I agree we have to jump and get the money now. IMHO it will not be there in a few yrs if we don’t start winning big time against big schools.

But the NCAA has NOT, nor will it, change its by laws to eliminate the Big 12’s power status.

Nor has it shown any indication that it will elevate the AAC (and if we leave together with Cincy and UCF, you can be certain that it won’t).

The NCAA is certainly not a paper tiger when it comes to such designation.

The NIL business was created by the federal courts…….NOT ESPN.

The Big 12 is and will be a Power conference, and we a power school as a member.

See the Houston Press article I posted elsewhere.

In football, the new Big 12 already has more teams receiving votes in the AP poll than the PAC-12 and ACC.

And in basketball…………

Half the Final Four, the defending national champion, a true blue blood, plus Tech, WVU………enough said.

Please explain to me how that’s NOT a power conference.

No matter how its TV deal may compare to the other P5s, it’ll still be at least twice, and possibly three times that of the AAC.

Please explain how staying out in the AAC would be better, given that. Hint: you won’t be able to.

If NCAA rules are on the way out, do colleges partner with the nfl to become “farm teams”? If I was an nfl team, id start paying tuition for top recruits to go develop under top programs and put them on my roster when/if they’re ready.

Edit: forgot this was the basketball thread :joy:


I agree that we have to hop and pop. Period.

I am not saying we stay in the AAC.

What I am saying is in the few yrs the “Power School” designation by the NCAA will not be there.

ESPN is driving the break down of the NCAA. It’s money. We all agree on that. The NCAA does not have MONEY. You sue people for a living. I have never seen anyone go after the NCAA for damages. I have seen them go after schools.

You can balh blah blah about the NCAA all you want and how they want to direct the schools. When was the last time you saw the NCAA go after the Big Schools for violations??? You can’t because they don’t. The schools will take them to task.

If NCAA was that concerned about “ Fair Play” they would have stepped in and said the Texas and OU can not leave the Big12. The SEC is too big and Powerful. All schools have to Profit Share. I could go on and on what the NCAA could and should do to make all the FBS Schools even and on par with each other, other than scholarships.

The bigger schools (SEC) are looking to get away from the NCAA.

The NCAA is just a volunteer governing board. It has no teeth. If the NCAA had teeth they would have crushed the NIL. They did not and lost.

I am in agreement we have to get to the Big 8/12.

I was here when the SWC closed the doors and we were left with C-USA. Our board and AD thought that we would be in a better Basketball Conference and we could compete with football at the Time. The SEC came calling for yrs about joining and being part of the Football programs. We missed that boat.

So what I am saying is we again are behind the curve. I spoke at length with our administration about the NIL and our Thrid party entity Opendorse.

Pez told the group he spent all his life in trying to make sure student athletes were not paid and we were following the rules…

Well the rule book just went out the window and new rules are being created as we chat and the the criminal programs are way out in front.

Ask your self this; Did you find it odd that OU and UT jumped to the SEC only after the NIL was instituted and it all went in to effect in July.

I am for coincidences, but three times with UT… B12, Invite to the Big 12 (which was laughable at best when people thought we were going) and now the re-invite.

I say screw everyone and let’s go get the money and we need to now start planning on where we want to land in 5 yrs.

The Big 12 ain’t going to be it. IMHO

I know Ohio St Qb 1.4 million for autographs.

If I had the cash I would have paid that to keep Tune from throwing the ball long on Saturday. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I guess it depends on how you define “it.”

Will it be “it” compared to the SEC? No, but then again, neither will any other football conference.

Will it be “it” insofar as it’ll be recognized as an equity conference, and as such “P5?”

Sure it will.

Will it be “it” compared to the G5 conferences? Absolutely! It won’t be demoted in that regard, and will always have a TV deal far better than any G5, even after 2025.

The five “Power Five” conferences of course won’t be equal in terms of TV deals, but that was true even before OU and UT left the Big 12. The PAC-12 will never get the same money as the SEC, for example.

Guess what? They’ll still be considered “Power 5,” as will the Big 12.

Trust me, I too am old enough to remember us ending up in CUSA. We knew it’d be a crappy football conference, but we at least thought that a) it’d be a good basketball conference, and b) it’d be a conference that we could WIN in football more often than not.

As it turns out…we were WRONG on both counts, but no matter. We moved up to the AAC…and are now moving up to the Power Five…together with schools that tried to keep us out in the past…so I’m fine with that.

I don’t see any of the teams in the new Big 12 going elsewhere. Perhaps Cincy would bolt to the ACC if offered, but given that such an offer hasn’t occurred, I’m not putting money on that. I don’t see Kansas leaving either, given that no other conference will be willing to take their football brand…it’s THAT bad. Are any other Big 12 schools going to go elsewhere, much less getting an invite elsewhere? Not that I can see.
Looks like the Big 12 is here to stay, and we’ll be in it…with equity “power” status recognized by the NCAA, and a better TV deal than any G5.

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You and I are in agreement. I don’t think the B12 will go anywhere. It’s just C-USA 2.0.

C-USA had tremendous equity back in 1996. Not so much anymore.

I am ok with that the Big12 as long as we get our share of $$$.

It’s when realignment happens and where do we stand.

A lot of people are talking about how great the B12 is In Basketball and will be the elite basketball conference. (Baylor, Texas Tech, Kansas, UH) That is great but football brings in the TV money that keeps the programs going.

I just want us to be ahead of the curve and not behind like we normally are.


Get serious now. This isn’t CUSA 2.0. CUSA wasn’t a consensus top five football conference, this is. In fact, by some measures, the future Big 12 may be a top three football conference in terms of on field performance. CUSA…come on now. It was barely better than the MAC when it first started.

And in basketball? CUSA was only good for a year or two…the new Big 12 will always be a Top 3 basketball conference.

The AAC was CUSA 2.0…that’s why we are getting out of it (knock on wood).

Don’t compare the Big 12 to CUSA 1.0 or 2.0. Not even close.

And of course, neither version of CUSA/AAC ever had statutory equity status.


I think J.A. is worried about the state of thee football program right now and the direction it might go into if CDH is here past this season. Well, we all are. I hope the administration is aware of that and will act to correct this big mistake.


I understand that concern. However, we will all be singing a different tune if, by chance, we win the AAC west, and then upset (presumably top ten by then) Cincy in the AAC title game.

At that point, we’d likely be the top ranked G5 champ, and would be playing in our second major bowl since 2015.

As the poly prez…I always hope for just such a result!

But yeah, I agree. Anything less than nine wins should make us rethink what sort of coach we want leading us into the P5…and if it’s eight wins or less this season, then CDH should probably NOT be that coach.

Absolute, certifiable insanity.


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