Wichita State to join the American

Things just got a lot harder.

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That’s not a bad thing


Sources said Wichita State will pay $2.5 million to join the AAC, but the Shockers won’t actually pay that amount, as future league revenue – expected to be $500,000 for each of the next five years – will be withheld to pay for its entrance fee.

With the addition of Wichita State, more than one-third of the AAC’s schools were previously Missouri Valley Conference members: Cincinnati (1957-69), Houston (1951-59), Memphis (1968-73) and Tulsa (1935-96).

I guess. :expressionless:

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I guess I am one of the few that feels like this is a good thing.

My mentality is that we are obviously not going to a P5 conference right now so why not make our conference as strong as possible and then more importantly win our conference in as many sports as possible.

Remember when we were undefeated in 2011 and everyone said that was because we were in CUSA. Everyone felt like we had no competition and then when we played So MIss and lost everyone said “see”.

I would rather have the best teams possible in our conference, rise to the challenge and win, and set ourselves up for something great. Whether that is a P5 conference, New Years 6 Bowl, NCAA Tournament, College Football Playoff, College World Series, etc.


Nah I think the people that aren’t happy about this are the minority


This is a red letter day for our conference. Wichita State is a great addition.


I dig it.

Only question I have is why is this topic on the football message board. Wichita St. doesn’t have a football team to offer. Great for the basketball side of things; wish it was a program that offered both football & basketball. But I guess this is a small victory. Great for Wichita St, though. This should at least calm the masses when it comes to the OOC schedule.

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I didn’t realize we shared a conference with Cincinnati in the late fifties.

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I am very excited to see a top tier program come and play in Houston. Also means less of Tulane/ECU/USF.

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Yes, that’s where a lot of our poor record in basketball against them comes from as that’s when they had Oscar Robertson and we hadn’t become a power yet.


The MVC has quite a history and it’s former members include OU, OSU, Iowa, Iowa State, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri, all who preceded our time there and Louisville and Memphis who joined after we left. Talk about a conference in perpetual state of change.

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