Will Seniors get an extra year of eligibility?

I’d love to have Mr. Harris back for one more go at it.

Heard a clip of Geno A. describing this scenario on ESPN.


I think this something that needs to be done. I really dont think it would be that difficult to make a 1 year exception for all sports impacted.

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Why just seniors? I think that if an extra year is granted, it would apply to everyone. This would probably result in some difficult scholarship situations.


Good point!

I’d post the clip if I could find it again.

Basically, NCAA should take the hit and it shouldn’t impact scholarship slots or funding.

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So, the idea would be that those who would like to return could.

But could they transfer as graduates?

Uh oh

I don’t see this as happening.


An unreal number of Seniors missed their last Spring Semester and never got it back.And not just college Seniors but also High School Seniors.

It was The Spring of 1942.


How about the seniors who were all ready for state tournaments this week? Do they return to high school another year? Not going to happen. We move on


They were really pumping the idea on ESPN U this morning (Sirius XM)

we’ll see if it gains any traction.

Seniors are getting degrees. Some will move on to play professional basketball. If you’ve had 4 years you will know if you have what it takes or not for the next level. Sucks to miss the last part of the season, but if I was in their shoes, I’d rather not have to go to school another year and enter the workforce. Exception should be made for Master degree students though. Just hope Cumberland doesn’t get his master’s :thinking:




This dude has killed us for a long time.


will the scholarships be in addition to the scholarship limits? If so, that gives a school with 4 seniors a huge advantage over a school with 1 or no seniors.

Complicated questions. All the Spring sports were stopped. Our T&F season was just getting started even in basketball it is incomplete.

I would love to see them get another year, but lots of questions to answer.

It’s going to happen. They’re going to give seniors a chance to come back. If they choose.

Does this mean Case will be available for the football team?

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We’ll see but my guess is they don’t. Something like 20% of the seniors would have played in the tournament. Over half of those guys probably won’t have their teams make it next year anyways and more ADs than not probably don’t really want to have to pay for the costs of all those extra players.

Also, in terms of overall equity, there will be a bunch of underclassmen next year that won’t get normal PT and development if there’s a logjam of players and kind of have a lost year.

I wouldn’t be shocked if it happens but I’m guessing it doesn’t.

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