Will the PAC 12 Expansion Committee be here Saturday?

Just wondering if anybody has heard anything. I would be surprised if Khator and Fertitta are not having dinner with some PAC-12 peeps Friday night.

We are not going to a p5 conference. Get over it.


Is there such a committee? Expansion isn’t going to help them until their marquee teams start playing well.


Yup. The truth hurts.

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I must have missed that news. Please post the source.

That is a baseless statement. You have no basis whatsoever to write that. So far you are right but you have no clue what the future brings.


fatalism at its finest. Never say never

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Cinci and UH to the Pac. Cinci took care of UCLA, hopefully we take care of Zona and Tech.

UH is doing what it can control right now … play to win the American Conference (especially in football and men’s basketball). Invest in facilities and coaches and focus on championships and playing/winning high profile bowl games/advancing well into the NCAA Tourney.

We all know that winning brings excitement, fans, media interest and of course game day money and merch sales. UH needs dollars.

I think that’s where itcoog is coming from. Focus on the AAC and “if and only if” an opportunity presents itself, UH will be prepared for it. Unlike the early 90’s.

Until then, there doesn’t seem to be any overt expansion effort by anyone wanting UH, and I’d be surprised if there’s anything more than casual networking going on with some P5 members, if at all.

The focus is and probably should be 100% on the AAC. The upcoming TV contract money and maybe even AAC conference expansion.


Does he mean the coogfans that are proposing it? Yea, most of us will be there. :joy:

And neither do you. Which, by your logic, means UH could be in the AFC South or Patriot league in a few years time.

if there is a committee I’m sure they’re impressed UH had to offer $15 dollar seats to try and fill the place up. Being in a p5 is the goal, but don’t act like Arizona gets the casual fan out to the game. UCLA/USC would be nice but there’s also Cal, Wazu, Wash, Utah and for most fans in Houston that just doesn’t do it. This program needs regional ties unless it’s a major game…Louisville or Memphis or the AAC title game as an example.

Pray for good weather Saturday, for a lot of reasons, but if it’s a downpour people are going to opt to watch this on TV.

Nothing happening anywhere until at least 2023.

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