Will Tom Herman be Successful at Texas?

Please no more Tom Herman threads. He is gone. We aren’t in their conference. We aren’t scheduled to play him. I’m sick of all of these threads about him. Just stop bringing him up please.


I saw this and burst out laughing, great for the kid, sucks for tu. :laughing:


Make that a hat trick. If CTO doesn’t become our new HC and he follows Herman to Texas then he will. IF CTO stays here then Herman will have to scrape up someone and no one big comes to mind off hand.


If he uses the same methods as he did here, he’s not going to do well because his shtick has been exposed.

If he does well, he’ll bolt for Ohio State as soon as Urban retires.

Anyone know what happen to the grill ?!

If he paid for it, I’m guessing he kept it. Although, not sure how helpful it will be for recruiting at UT.

evil begets evil…

I’m actually gagging as I write this, but feel that TH has made me an OU fan at least one game a year. Urp.


Charlie did all the house cleaning for him, it’s going to be easy for him to win and take all the credit.


He’s a really good coach. He’ll do better than Strong.

Check the pawn shops along 290


Given the talent, I’m pretty sure I could have done better than Strong.

I give Tom a 50/50 shot. I think he does good the first year like he did here when defenses don’t really know what to expect. 2nd year and on, I expect a little regression, also like here.

It also depends on when and if the upperclassmen buy into the culture.

Its really hard to tell for me how good a coach he was versus excellent players like GWjr and Ed Oliver making up the difference. Really the defense was the star of the show, not the offense. I think Tom is a good coach, but really green in a few areas. Will he be able to develop under the fishbowl, or will he wilt like Strong? Hard to say.

Herman should endorse his UT paycheck with “Thank you Greg Ward”.


First, he doesn’t have a dual threat quarterback in the roster, but does have a 5 star commit. Will be interesting how he does without Greg Ward bailing him out. I think that is why he wants to poach Bryson Smith.

Secondly, he needs to bring major talent to Texas will all the resources at his disposal. Top 3 classes are expected there. That will make his job easier. If nothing else, I will be intrigued how he does in Texas. Honestly, I want him to fail miserably. Karma seems to always catch up back to shady people.

Strong got rid of the riffraff so I’m sure he’ll do great X’s & O’s wise. Now when it comes time to suspend a player for a “violation of team rules” (not the law mind you), will he have the guts to do it then? The pressure of winning is amped up. Will he have the same “integrity?” Yeah it made me sick typing that word when it comes to him. I’d love to see the big money boosters on him for suspending a player and not giving a reason why.

I think he’ll win a NC within 3-4 years, sooner if Saban retires first. As stated, Strong removed many of the bad apples in the locker room and left some very talented players. That takes care of the first year record. And I think that TH will continue to recruit Texas very well. While some can argue that the fact that he let down his players at UH will hurt him in recruiting, I disagree for 2 reasons. The first is that the high school coaches know that business is business and very few will hold that against him when advising their players. But the second is that UT was his dream job. He won’t leave there to go to OSU if Meyer leaves; he won’t go to Alabama; he won’t go to the West Coast. So he can tell credibly the recruits that UH was just his stepping stone - now he’s there at UT permanently.

He will hire a great staff, he is a great motivator and psychologist, he has a good football mind. He’ll win over a majority of the big boosters. I see no reason why he will fail.

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I am not familiar with that name.

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It is hard to say with any certainty that he will fail or succeed. As someone else pointed out, he comes across as a control freak. I think the non-X’s and O’s are the biggest risk to his success – boosters meddling in football matters, what happens when we has another “SMU Moment”, etc. Also, what happens when he misses on that QB prospect as has been common at UT in recent years?

Charlie Strong was 23-3 in his last two seasons at Louisville.
Dennis Franchione was 25-10 at TCU and 17-8 at Alabama.
Charlie Weiss was 19-6 in his first two seasons at Notre Dame and then went 22-43 over the next few years at ND and KU.
Kevin Sumlin was 24-8 in C-USA games and now is 21-19 in SEC games with the 2nd worst November SEC record since he was hired.

There are success stories to counter these but I don’t see this as a slam dunk move for UT. Add to it that they are starting at $5M / season…this just makes me want to sit back and watch what happens. Expectations are high for a 5-7 team.


I wish him well. I hope he does well.

UT has its own “many headed monster” that are it’s backers. Too many people want to be the chief. They throw stupid money at the program and expect to have a say in how it is run. It is still “I paid my check, I want my kid to play” program, or was under Strong.

The players at UT will not know what hit them with CTH’s spring workout. I expect many to leave. I also expect that he will do well the first year. His recruiting will be fine, as long as the players check their ego’s at the door, he will be successful.

Now, the challenge he will face - politics. He could run his program his way here. Not so at UT. As stated above, too many people wanting to have their hands in the programs. Too many people wanting their little Jonny to play. If he stays above this, CTH will do well. If not, he will end up like Strong (who I believe is a great coach, just not a fit at UT).

The coming years will be interesting. I think he will be given 1 years to right the ship. After that, the longhorn faithful will want a NC or his head.

Again, I wish him well. He has his dream job, I just hope it does not turn into a nightmare for him.

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