Win over Wichita State puts UH in NCAA Tournament conversation

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After shocking Wichita State on Saturday afternoon, any doubts as to whether the Cougars belong in the NCAA Tournament conversation should be erased.

Saturday’s victory proved two things.

UH has a team good enough to go dancing in March.

The American Athletic Conference is a pretty good basketball league.

“We are a good basketball team,” Sampson said. “We know that and we came in here knowing that we could win this game.”

UH nets signature win with upset of Wichita St
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I first round win will ignite this program. imo

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Imagine if the bottom hadnt dropped out on UConn & Memphis Hoop lately.

AAC hoop could potentially have had 6 in field of 64.

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Not saying it wouldn’t be deserved but that will never happen. The P5 leagues would exert their “influence”

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Houston landed themselves their first marquee win of the season as they pounded No. 7 Wichita State in Houston, 73-59. Rob Gray led the way with 24 points and four assists, putting the Cougars in a position where earning an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament is feasible. There is still plenty of work left to do, but this is the start they needed.”


Historically an RPI from 1-40 makes you a lock for the tourney. UH sits at 48-49 which can get you in pretty frequently. The one thing that looks bad on the Coogs resume is SOS. There is only one team in the top 50 with a worse SOS. All of the games against teams above 200 are going to hurt. One win against SMU and one win against Cincy will be very important. The committee punishes bubble teams with OOC SOS over 200 but the wins over Arkansas and Providence may mitigate that a tad.

The eye test is good to UH. They look like a tournament team.


Just need to win the rest of the games that we absolutely should win, starting this Saturday against USF. Saw on another thread that tickets are $5 for the remainder of home games with the promo code COOGSWIN. No reason at all not to snatch them up now.

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