Wisconsin athletics: senior spring athletes will not be given extra year by Badgers

It looks like schools are starting to opt out of returning their seniors for one more year. I am assuming since it doesn’t bring back football or basketball players, they are not interested.

The UW Athletic Department will not be allowing their senior athletes to come back and play next year, however, according to Alvarez. Wisconsin sponsors 10 spring sports: men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s outdoor track and field, men’s and women’s rowing and women’s lightweight rowing, softball and men’s and women’s tennis.

Alvarez noted that this decision will affect over 30 Wisconsin athletes.

Money screams! It was a feel good idea but leaves the schools the big bills, unless those kids redshirt they should move on like the rest of the world

Is Wisconsin good at any of those sports? I kind of remember some good distance runners, never seen their softball. The interesting thing to watch will be do schools stick to a all or nothing plan with it. Would be very bad press if you let track athletes stay and told golf sorry we don’t have the money. Our men’s track doesn’t have many seniors, but they would be a huge boost to have back next season.

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