With second victory over top-10 team, UH solidifies NCAA case

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Davis finished with 16 points, including four 3-pointers. After making one in the second half, Davis motioned to former UH star quarterback Case Keenum sitting courtside.

“He’s a cold-blooded killer,” Sampson said of Davis. “He has no fear.”

Devin Davis accounted for most of the Cougars’ early scoring and finished with 16 points and 10 rebounds.

“He’s an all-conference player,” Sampson said.

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“There was a number of times down the stretch where their energy carried us and gave us the energy to get stops and get buckets when we needed them,” said Houston’s Corey Davis Jr after the game.

“Hearing them cheering defense really kept us locked in. Thanks to the fans,” Houston senior Devin Davis added.

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TeamRankings now gives us a 100% chance of making the Tourney. Projected as a 5-seed finishing with a record of 24-6.

BTW, they give us a 56% chance at Temple on Sunday.


There you go. Being a 5 seed in the NCAA tournament would be another big step in the right direction. Go Coogs!

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Man, I just looked at Lunardi’s updated bracket (please don’t give that man the clicks).

He’s got us a 10 seed vs. Creighton with the winner most likely playing 2 seed Duke. I guess he’s assuming we’ll lose 2 games down the stretch, or he’s got his head up his…


5 seed? Wow! I wouldn’t think we’d end up that high even if we win out, including the conference tourney. But that would be pretty sweet if we did.

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5 seed is too high unless we win out and win the american tourney…then yes.
i think 8 or 9, 7 could be in reach though if we make it to the title game in the conf tourney imo,
the team who might be the most dangerous in the conf tourney will be temple…
interesting to see how we play them sunday.

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88, I agree with you on Temple in conference tourney. They played outstanding 1st half yesterday.

SMU is dropping but some team will have to play them with Shake back in the tourney. That could be tough.


His bracket projection is always supposed to be as of the day it’s done without any forward projection, other than maybe some of the very early ones. I have no idea how he could have us as a 10 seed after beating the #5 team considering that’s where he had us yesterday.

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I believe he did his bracket projections before last night game. I saw this projection before completion of our game.


He may have done it and forgot to move us up or just quickly updated it haphazardly, but it was a fresh bracket for 2/16. He moved Cincy down to a 3 seed because of the loss.

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Thanks TJ. I must have looked too quickly. Lunardi said on air last night that Houston win helped Houston than loss hurt Cincinnati. He said Coogs had to make up for mediocre non conference schedule

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He did update it today, and he did move cincy down because of the loss. If he’s doing it “haphazardly” all the more reason to not consider him an “expert”.


That’s so bizarre he would say that and then leave us in the same spot and move Cincy down. I think he’s too hung up on an old notion that just by virtue of having a soft OOC you have to go above and beyond. One of the committee members came out and said that “OOC SOS” by itself is a ranking the committee pays little attention to if at all now. Lunardi’s right that we have to make up for it because there were less opportunities to get meaningful wins, and we’ve done that. We have 5 RPI top 50 wins, 8 RPI top 100 wins and we’re top 30 in BPI, RPI and Ken Pom. There are a few teams he has ahead of us that I don’t understand at all. For example, he has Louisville ahead of us and they are lower than us in all three of those ranking systems, have 1 rpi top 50 win and 5 rpi top 100 wins. Ultimately we’ll see when the seeds come out, but if the selection were today I’d be shocked if we are lower than a 9 and I’d guess 7-8. With a win at Temple on Sunday I’d have us at like a 5 seed probably.

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It’ll be interesting to see what the committee does with us. One thing that’s being said about us now is that we don’t have a good win on the road (Providence was a neutral site). Along with our weak OOC schedule, they may use that to keep us at a lower seed.

Really would be nice to beat Temple tomorrow and put a good road win on our resume.