Women’s national team..13-0. Running it up?

The women’s team beat Thailand 13-0.

I get you score as much as you can due to goal differential however they are being criticized for showing little class and grace in victory. They celebrated the 13th like it was the first, a bit over the top.

At what point should they have been a bit more low key and acted like they have been there?

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Never. This is competitive sports, not FFPS. Now, I hope the coach was using bench players after going up by 5 or so.

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The coach probably did, but in international soccer, you’re only allowed to make 3 substitutions during a game.

One other thing to think about in this scenario, one of the main tiebreakers in the group stage is goal differential. It probably won’t happen, but running up the score does help the US in case of a tie.

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There are other tie breakers.

While I was watching the game I had two thoughts.

  1. FIFA should institute a 10 goal mercy rule. Whoever gets to ten goals first wins goal differential.
  2. Who the heck did Thailand beat to get to WC.
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There are, but if the group ends in a 2-1 tie or a 1-1-1 tie, it usually comes down to goal differential.

Here’s a story in the NYTimes about how they made it.

With North Korea suspended and the 2015 World Cup field expanded from 16 to 24 teams, including five from Asia, Thailand slipped into the spot many expected to go to the North Koreans and made its inaugural appearance in the tournament. Then it missed out on the knockout rounds only by the tiebreaker of goal differential.

Because North Korea was not seeded in qualifying for the 2019 World Cup, it faced an early showdown against South Korea, lost the match and found itself ineligible for a second time to compete in soccer’s global championship. Again, Thailand benefited.

Bigger problem is that the Women’s World Cup allows 24 teams, but most countries don’t have viable Women’s teams right now so there will be a few huge mismatches. I agree with you on the 10 goal mercy rule though…would make more sense.

I will also say that there is usually one big blowout every once in awhile in a World Cup, even on the Men’s side:

  • (Women) Germany won 11-0 over Argentina in 2007 and 10-0 over the Ivory Coast in 2015
  • (Men) Hungary beat El Salvador 10-1 in 1982
  • (Men) Germany beat Saudi Arabia 8-0 in 2002
  • (Men) Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup Semifinals in Brazil in 2014
  • (Men) Yugoslavia beat Zaire 9-0 in 1974
  • (Men) Hungary over South Korea 9-0 in 1954

And none of these compare to what happens in qualifying rounds…Australia once beat American Samoa 31-0 in 2001.

I have no problem with the score but it just seemed in bad taste to celebrate those last 5 goals or 6…lol

They took out starters and they subbed in Carly Lloyd. Not sure if that is putting in your bench, but this team is deep.

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I watched that game. I was hoping they’d just pass it around–Thailand wouldn’t be able to stop that.

Re the score differential, it’s true that that breaks ties, But considering the record in a World Cup was an eight goal differential, if I heard right, the chance of needing anything past eight to break a tie-breaker is pretty unlikely.

I’m curious how Thailand made it in, as well. But some of the ladies were crying after the match. I don’t think I’ve missed a women’s US match in 20 years. I love this team. But I wished they would have let off the gas before double digits.

On a more practical note, this might turn some of the crowd against the U.S. in later, tougher matches. We might be viewed as bullies.

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I agree with your points. If the US wins it’s second game with a decent margin the narrative will be that of a bully. Right or not, it just makes for a narrative.

Score as many points as you can whenever you can. We have been on both sides of that coin and I was at the 100-6 victory over Tulsa and I was also at the loss to Army. I don’t regret being on either side of the coin but the win was a lot more fun. I knew we would probably never score that many again and hopefully never get beaten that badly again. It’s a game. You win some, you lose some. Act like a winner when you can and vow to do better next time if you lose. Don’t expect a participation ribbon or to sing Kumbaya when you lose. If folks are worried about hurting somebody’s feelings or embarrassing an opponent then find another activity that doesn’t keep score.

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No one is questioning the scoring and the ref did try to keep the score down by not calling some penalties.

The question is about the class or lack there of some are saying with the celebration (some thought excessive once it was out of reach)

My beef is with FIFA. There are examples of worst beat downs. There should be a 10 goal mercy rule.

I can guarantee you Thailand or any other country would do the same to us.

The ladies are great. If celebrating after goal is part of the culture then so be it.

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That’s understood. Celebrating is part of winning. It wasn’t as if it was taunting or knocking the crap out of someone with a solid tackle and standing over them acting like you are God’s gift to football. That’s unsportsmanlike and it happens all the time.
Let the girls play!

I dunno. I lost alot of respect for the women’s team after they sued US Soccer shortly before this World Cup. M’eh.

You don’t think they deserve equal pay and support from US soccer?

I think they have US Soccers support (or did until the lawsuit now I’m not so sure) and should be well paid for their endeavors.

“Congrats Mallory on scoring your first ever goal in the World Cup at the age of 21! Now don’t celebrate at all, look ashamed to have scored and apologize for it. Also next time don’t score because you guys were up too much”


I noticed that nobody mentioned the great sportsmanship after the game with the US girls hugging the opposing team and congratulating them for playing their hardest all game long. It’s “funny” how the athletes don’t have a problem with the score but the PC police want everybody to play to a tie!

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It reminded me of a few things related to UH.

I thought about when UH got blown out by Miami. Late in the game UH got a late td and the wr did a dance in the endzone. Everyone thought it was foolish. Or what about when time was running out and we faked a knee to only go and drop a td on Illinois. Not thought of as classy. Was the team doing excess celebrations when UH broke 90 on SMU? In all those cases i heard lots of talk about lack of class. On this matter I figured if a board would feel this way it would be this one. Act like you have been there, win with grace and class was what recall being said about UH incidents. 13-0 is like putting 200 on a team in football.

I would have said score all the points you can but knock off the posing, strutting and acting like a fool. That is third class whenever it’s done.
Scoring 13-0 in soccer is more like 100-0 in football. Maybe even more like 100-6.

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