Women's basketball recruiting

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Coach Hughey loves DeSoto, and Coach Creel at DeSoto is a UH alum

C’O '21 Guard Kendall Brown from DeSoto - Good scorer and believe this is her first offer

C/O '22 Post Amina Muhammad from DeSoto - Already has an offer from Arizona

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C/O '20 Amari Conn 5’7" Guard from Kansas City, MO - Looks like she also has an offer from TCU


@pray10 you think we’re done for 2019 class

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No, we still have at least one scholarship available if everyone else comes back.


We just missed out on that girl from Louisiana. She was ranked #26 nationally and was a combo guard. I think we’re looking for a guard that can shoot.

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What about the young lady from Wheatley, isn’t she a senior?..She can shoot