Women's Golf NCAA Regionals

It was supposed to start yesterday, rained out. Delayed today because of lightning. Eventually it will get going.


Looking at radar, it could be another long delay. And, whenever they actually tee off, it’s going to make for a couple of sloppy days of golf.

Update: round cancelled again today. Trying again tomorrow, 60% chance of rain tho.

They’re canceling, and just advancing the top 6 seeds. Biggest joke by the NCAA in a while. That is saying something.


unbelievable. Just when you think an organization couldn’t be any more screwed up. :rage:

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This makes zero sense. Is it just a coincidence that all 6 that advance are so-called p5 schools? Protecting their own? How do you not have a contingency plan in place?

The NCAA puts no effort or money into women’s golf. Probably one person who is clueless about event management trying to figure things out and just wanted to cancel. The championship isn’t until May 21st, something could have been done. Use some of those billions to bus teams to a nearby city with a good course and pay for a couple more nights of hotels.

At least Fredgaard advances as an individual.

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Typical NCAA nonsense.

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