Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot is beautiful.

That said.

The movie might very well be the worst garbage that I have sat through in a long time. Simply terrible in every sense of the word.

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Wow, that is saying something. I have been watching movies on YouTube, just the free ones, Roku Channel, and Tubi. There is so much Bantha poodoo there that I am thinking of going into the movie production business. I surely couldn’t do worse than much of what passes as film making. But, alas, I have no capital for that or more importantly, connections.

So I just finished it too. Personally I think you’re being a bit harsh. I’m not going to try and argue that it’s good, it’s not. It’s a mediocre film, especially coming off of a pretty good first Wonder Woman. I’m glad I watched it on HBO Max and didn’t do something crazy like pay for it in theaters.

I’ve also watched it. I was never expecting The Godfather II, I was expecting a generic paint by number formulaic Super Hero movie and that’s what I got.

It was no where near as good as the first one but it was entertaining.

If you temper your expectations, you’ll enjoy it.

I think that’s fair. If you asked me to sum it up in a sentence or less I would go with. “It’s fine”

I like Kristen Wiig, but I’m biased I took an improv class with her before she was on SNL. Everyone in that class knew she would make it. Glad to see her getting cast in a major movie and as the villain.
My household voted on watching Soul over Wonderwoman. Not the best Pixar movie, no songs, but touching as always.


Soul was definitely the right choice. I agree it wasn’t the best Pixar movie. But that’s still pretty darn good.

WW84 was disappointing, but it has Gal Gadot.

My buddy has it in his all time worst 5 movies. I won’t go there.

It was more a SyFi movie of the week. But for DC it is not their worst film. Marvel would not even considered the script.

I feel bad for anyone who actually paid for a ticket to see it in a theater.

It had a bad plot, pacing, writing. CGI and ending.

I see how bad plots can happen, but how was the CGI that bad in a movie with a $200MM budget? I’m usually not a person who even notices stuff like that unless it’s, like, Arrested Development Season 4 bad.

The CGI was bad. The script was bad. It was too campy. It was too stereotypical of 1984. I lived through 1984. We didn’t all wear clothing like that. Not all women had those hairdos.

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The CGI with Cheetah at the end was awful. One thing I have read about bad CGI. If it is bad make it at night or in the rain to help hide it.

The Last Jedi still suuuuuuuuuucks!!!


I just watched it…it’s horrible…I wished the movie was better written…

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Marvel studios would have never approved the script.

The DC “universe” sucks.

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