World Cup

(itcoog) #1

I’ve been watching the World Cup and have enjoyed it thus far. Something I really like? 90 minute matches no matter what. I would like to see college football adopt a 2 hour max play rule. That would make the game more enjoyable imho. What do y’all think?


It would be a lot easier to plan a day. I remember a UH game ending after midnight once.


So, you want games to last just until the second series of downs in the third quarter?

(WRB) #4

Not in favor of this myself.

(Bryant Hargrave) #5

So we get one half of football then? You know what I’ll bite.

Make 2 hours work, I’m interested to see how you can make the math work


Two hours then sudden death ? Or go back to having ties?


Just play the darn early season games at night!

(Jeff Berger) #8

Two ways I know of to speed the game up. Neither would make it two hours, but they would help:

  1. Don’t stop the clock for a first down except in the last two minutes of each half.
  2. Only review scoring plays and turnovers, or if the coach challenges the play…give them one challenge per game.


Overly dramatic european guys? No.,

(Mike Higdon) #10

I liked it better when we had 4 hour+ games because we were scoring in 1 and 2 minute drives. I don’t wait all year for football season only to want to hurry up the games. I want to savor every minute and longer games work for me. I wish they went back to the way the clock was stopped when ball went out of bounds and didn’t start again until the ball was snapped. Just like I don’t leave until the team does, I don’t understand why people leave before the clock ticks to zero, I don’t understand why people want shorter games. To each his own except when it takes away more football from me.

(Mike Higdon) #11

Two hour games would be great – 30 minute quarters! Of course, use the current time rules, I could go for that. Imagine, 6 hour games!!!

(WRB) #12

I am with you. Football season ends too soon and takes to long to get here again when it is over. If at all possible, arrive early and stay until the team leaves the field no matter the outcome or how mad you might be at the hc.

(Jerrycoog) #13

Use NFL timing rules would speed it up some the stopping the clock for moving the chains really slows the game down.

(Patrick) #14

Couldn’t agree more.

(Matt Jackson) #15

Agree. One of the best things about soccer is the fixed time. College football games do take way too long. Stopping the clock on 1st downs is dumb. Go to NFL timing rules and see how that helps with average game time before going to 2 hour fixed clock, but I don’t think it’s a horrible idea to experiment. If the spring games ever turned into exhibitions between 2 schools, that would be the perfect opportunity to try something like that.

(gpropes) #16

If the long-term goal for football is to reduce concussions and brain injuries, a fixed clock would be a fine idea. Reduce the number of plays per game, reduce the risk of injury.

(Kyle) #17

Keep changing the game and I’m out…


I don’t want to shorten the actual game time, but would love to reduce the number of breaks during the game for sure. I know this will NEVER happen, but getting rid of TV timeouts every 30 seconds of game time would help tremendously (with basketball too). With TV timeouts, it seems like both teams get the equivalent of 12 timeouts per half.

(Mike Higdon) #19

If they shorten the TV commercials time, thus eliminating a % of them, it would also reduce TV revenue and therefore revenue from TV to the conferences and teams. You can’t ask for more money for less content, IMHO.


I know, I get it. I’d actually be ok with breaks between quarters and half time being longer to accommodate more commercials in lieu of TV timeouts during quarters. The constant breaks during action is highly annoying to me.