Would UAB and UTSA be willing to move their game?

I went through a number of schedules and the simplest move was UAB and UTSA moving their November 11th game to their mutual off week September 30th which would open up for UH and UTSA to reschedule for Novermber 11th. On one hand it would remove the only off week UH and UTSA each have for the entire season but on the other hand it would allow UTSA to better prepare for Baylor and UH to better prepare for Arizona.

from what i’ve seen with most other programs, noncon games don’t get rescheduled – and teams certainly don’t move conference games for nonconference ones. I think it’s more likely that the game gets canceled than that UTSA moves the UAB game to play us.

I’d rather have a bye week. Conference play is more important.

UTSA isn’t exactly rolling in money. I don’t think it is our place to ask them to take a major loss in revenue so we can keep a bye week. Imagine if OU had canceled on us last year 3 days ahead of time with no form or reimbursement or offer to reschedule.

But our team doesn’t have a home soooo is it their place to demand a game?

Is it our place to demand they take a financial hit so we aren’t inconvenienced by not having a week off November 11th?

You just made the same point twice.

Because you didn’t answer the question. I had to ask again. You saying our team doesn’t have a home is the excuse to not play Saturday. It’s not an excuse to not reschedule it at all.

Yes, they have the right to demand we reschedule another game either this year or some other year to replace the one we can’t play right now. Our inability to practice properly for Saturday’s game does not give us an excuse to completely skip playing a road game in our 4 game (2 home, 2 road) contract with UTSA.

So demand it another year as you just said but don’t jeopardize the season.

You do realize that the two week break is before we play at Tulane right? If our season can be jeopardized by not getting two weeks to heal up and prepare for Tulane, it must be a pretty bad season to begin with.

Rest is invaluable. I’d like to see you play 12 straight weeks of football.

That week off is going to be used to prepare for Navy, not Tulane, and it is hugely important. No way we re schedule some meaningless non conference game and take away our only off week.
The game can be re scheduled for a different year in future. We still have openings.

I am not going to complain whether they play this weekend, Nov 11, or cancel the game; I will go along with whatever is decided. Personally, I would like to get out of here this weekend and watch them play. But, I will understand anything that happens. I am not going to pre-emptively slam anyone for what may or may not happen. I will assume that UTSA will act honorably and agree to whatever is in the best interests of all concerned.

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When you say we can’t just not play without rescheduling or otherwise reimbursing…why do you think our respective ADs have reportedly been in close contact the last few days? They’re not just constantly debating the yes/no of playing the game. The two schools will figure something out.

Need that rest week , Which is more important, AAC title and Cotton Bowl bid, or playing UTSA.

Rescheduled them some other year please.

Positive out of all this is UH can take out this Harvey reckoning on a hapless P5. Just beat the snort out of Arizona!


Easiest idea would be to tack the game on after the conference championship week, same week as Army-Navy. Problem would be that most students are prepping for finals around that time.

Other problem with playing during army-navy week is that I’m pretty sure we can’t. As I recall, the NCAA rules carve out an exception so that Army-Navy (and nothing else) can be played that week.

I am good with that. We need that bye week for conference play.

Don’t blame UTSA. A non-conference game between two eliminated teams would be a hard sell, especially on that kind of short notice.

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