WOW! An AMAZING UH success story!

This young lady is only 17 years old, and already has her degree from UH.

Please watch this video!


Good for her! The lead that was buried is “Youngest UH grad ever credits homeschooling for her success.”

The only thing that I don’t understand (assuming the story is correct) is why she is going to “UH-Downtown” for her Ph.D?

Someone like that should be shooting for the dang IVY LEAGUE!!!

Yeah, I don’t get that either but maybe they have a niche program she wants or a particular professor.

Does UH-D offer doctorates?

All platitudes to the young lady.

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Kudos to her and UH-D !

However the fact this system campus is offering
PhD programs is just another of Texas crazy
Higher education “systems”.

I thought at one point UH had a 10 years old Asian kid attending UH some time around 20 years ago. I wonder what happened to that kid. I’ve always assumed he was going to be the youngest student to have ever graduated from UH. I guess he must have transferred somewhere else.


I still don’t understand the UH-D thing.

Their website doesn’t mention the school offering anything above a Master’s.

Maybe she just plans to start her graduate work there, and finish elsewhere.

Somebody needs to pull her aside and steer her towards at least an AAU member Ph.D program, if not the Ivy League.

Anything less with her level of talent would likely be a waste. Where you go to school makes a much bigger difference at the graduate/professional level than it does as an undergrad.

That was the plan. She would do her master’s at uhd and pursue a doctorate next year.

It says it on there…

For now, she’s starting a masters of education program in the spring at the University of Houston. She hopes to begin a Ph.D. program in the fall.

Thanks for clarifying that. On the one hand I’m
still surprised UHD is offering MA and MS programs which is contrary to the original mission. On the other hand, I’m old school dated, and times and needs and desires change; thus so do missions.

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