Wow! Kingsbury and Gibbs


In their defeat of TCU, best coaching job I’ve seen this year. A brilliant game plan by both coaches.


Yes. Quality win for TTU in Ft. Worth.

The more TTU wins, the better our one road loss to them looks to the pollsters.

(David) #3

I want TTU to do as well as anyone does to help prop up their reputation to benefit UH. But I don’t think this is a very strong TCU team. Their signature win so far is a 3-pt home win against 2-3 Iowa St? Or was it beating 2-4 SMU by 30? Guess I will wait to see how TCU continues but they could end up splitting their remaining games finishing 6-6. Silver lining: if beating TCU is a resume-builder for Texas, then it has to be for TTU as well which helps the Coogs in some ways.


They aren’t. They have been straight trash the last 3 weeks. That said, the Big 12 is not that good again and was vastly overrated again. Tech still has a good shot at the conference championship game. I could see UT losing 2 or 3 of their next 4. Even West Virginia hasn’t proved much yet. At the end of the day I think OU bounces back and wins the conference.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #5

I know I’m getting bitter and jaded in my old age but I don’t think that’s necessarily true. The voters have easily overlooked UT’s loss to Maryland.

And I don’t see UH getting credit for beating Tulsa by 2 TD’s while Texas only beat them by one.

And TCU was ranked when Texas beat them, so they beat a ranked team. OKSt was ranked when TT beat them, but that just means OKSt was overrated.

See how that works?