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Houston Should Have Been Invited to the Big 12 Decades Ago (

nice article


Wow is right. Man, having a supportive article like that in Texas Monthly, while slamming uta is amazing. Good things lying ahead for the UH


Yes. The narrative is finally coming around to the truth. We were kept out of the Big 12 on purpose. There is no doubt anymore that the University of Texas purposefully tried to harm the University of Houston. The question is why.

  • purely competitive reasons
  • anger over some of our lopsided victories over UT
  • their desire to acquire UofH and have it become UT-Houston
  • racism
  • all the above

UH was going to be merged with aTm in the late 80’s, not UT.

I saw a quote in the article where Renu said “we just need to take care of ourselves”.

Im not a UT apologist by any means but we as a fan base/alumni need to stop worrying about what Texas is doing and start focusing on us.

Im still just blown away at the UT/Arky thread that received over 100 replies on a Cougar fan board. This is the sh*t that has to stop.

Great article and well deserved the attention we’re getting.


Isn’t Richard Justice a UT alum? If so, that makes this article even better, but I wish these media members had been more scathing before now.

Also, I thought it was hilarious that he didn’t mention Baylor in the bit about conference basketball powers.


Lol… that’s never gonna stop. College Football fandom thrives on hate. It’s good to have enemies. Hating on other schools is a bonding exercise for fan bases.


Justice did well. Very nice!

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Thank you for posting Coog51. This is indeed a terrific article for the for following points:

Richard Justice is indeed a utau pimp alumni - Imagine the “love mail” he is getting now
Read between the lines on what he emphasizes on - What we have talked about for years was always true
Pointing out Royal retirement and what followed up speaks volume
Indeed we were going to be passed over again until Tilman Fertitta and Chriz went bonkers - So much for the legislature and others so called UH “friendly” Austin politicians

Indeed this is a terrific article from someone that has nothing to gain from this. Quite the opposite is a much better way to put it. Mr. Justice works for the stinky rodent. The utau pimp is closely tied to the stinky rodent.

Despite all of the back stabbing, racism, constant belittling we are back in a Power conference.

Thank you to Richard Justice. He has the “balls” as a utau pimp Alum to come out swinging. Terrific and courageous piece.


What doesn’t kill you, just makes you stronger! Like Coach Yeoman said, “paddle your own canoe”, don’t worry about the other guys. We are going to be just fine. 25 yrs in the desert taught us something.Stay strong, believe in yourself.


I wouldn’t get pollyanish or naive when it comes to the University of Texas. They still haven’t sold the Houston land. They are a conniving backstabbing duplicitous institution. They want to be in Houston and they do not want good things to happen to the University of Houston.


You didn’t include the obvious and correct answer why UT wanted to keep UH out: MONEY

UT viewed UH as another hungry mouth it would have to feed. UT didn’t want to have its slice of the pie be smaller so that UH could have some.


Being aware of intentional action to harm our university IS taking care of our university. Ignoring malicious activities isn’t in our best interest and UT has done them over and over again. As Coog 51 pointed out, despite being told by the legislature to sell the land they bought in Houston illegally, they still haven’t. They are holding it hoping people will forget or that friendlier UT legislature members will be elected in the future and let them do what they want.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What really bothers me UT people think someone has to lose for them to gain when it comes to the state and other public universities. Unfortunately a lot of our politicians feel the same way. But what ends up happening is the entire citizenry gets short changed because of this power centric attitude. Case in point the PUF. All of the states public U’s should have access the source for those funds come from Texas public lands… Hat’s off to TAMU they got their share even though they had to sue to get it.

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This has always been at the core of why UH was always and has always been “kicked” in the cojones by the utau pimp.
Someone pointed out that we should be nice to the legislature.
What has the legislature done with the ut-houston land?
What is the legislature planning to do with the ut-houston land?
Why has the legislature not given a time line to the utau pimp to sell the ut-houston land?
What has the legislature done to make sure that all Texas public universities get an equal share of the PUF?
We all know the answers.

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@section 102…you are absolutely right!!! Let’s stop worrying about sh*t that happened and focus on US!! Look out Big 12!!

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I don’t think ALL the state schools should have access to the PUF. I think they started out correctly by having 2 Tier 1 University systems and the rest below. This was to funnel resources into 2 really good schools instead of having them all mediocre.

The problem is that as the population of Texas grew, they failed to elevate additional public schools into that Tier 1, UH and Texas Tech have done enough to warrant the jump into that Tier 1 PUF level funding category. They chose to keep them in the mediocre category.

I do believe it would be dumb to give ALL public schools in the state of Texas the same funding without evidence of qualification.

It would be unwise to rewrite the PUF and suddenly provide the same exact funding the SFA as UT Austin. It would hurt UT Austin and won’t elevate SFA to AAU level over night. Or SHSU, or North Texas or any of the other below line publics.

On the other hand, UH and TT have proved they meet the qualifications to jump up the PUF level.

I believe Richard’s daughter attended UH as a swimmer so has some insight about the school.


My silly brain, i read that as 12 decades ago

When we moved to the Rob he wrote a nice article about UH and said we had a jewel box of astadium

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