WR Tren'Davian Dickson (Update: at TSU)

Mark Berman ‏@MarkBermanFox26 5m5 minutes ago Houston, TX
WR Tren’Davian Dickson, who transferred to @UHCougarFB from @BUFootball, is no longer with the Cougars program.

Well, that was fast. I wonder what gives for his departure. Wish him luck.

That sucks.

Dang it!

I guess ol’ CAB has a gig lined up for next season.

Birds of a feather…


Maybe figured he wasn’t going to be eligible.

He’ll probably end up where Stidham ends up which will probably be where CAB and/or Kendall Briles ends up.


Sounds like Briles has his Auburn gig lined up, and he’s taking Stidham and Dickson with him.

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He was probably denied waiver.

Only thing makes sense is that he’s following Briles to a new position. All he did here was take up space and eat our food. You gotta believe Herman is not going to miss him.


At least a ship has open up.

That’s not how it works anymore. That scholarship is gone forever (in terms of the class limit of 25).

Was he ever on scholarship? I know once a kid is put on scholarship it’s gone and can only be used to count against the 85 total, but if he was never placed on scholarship counting against the 2017 class do we still lose it?

I find it very interesting that Coach Satan, Oakman and Baylor showed up in Houston and then Trendavian is mysteriously no longer with the program. Quite a coincidence.

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Whatever. Wish him the best. I am sure he is thinking of what is best for him and fam. Next topic GoCoogs!

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I know it’s fun to speculate, but we have no idea, and I don’t get the angst towards the kid that some exhibit without any known information other than he’s no longer in the program.

Yes, he was on scholarship

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