WSJ quotes UH Med School Dean; UH is unique pandemic position



Wow! They already have 4,000 applicants for next fall classes. Seems like another medical school in Houston was definitely needed.


I believe Sam Houston has one too now.

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Yep, they do. Got approved in 2019 like the UH medical school.

Wow! 4,000 apps for 30 spots? That is competition.

Not sure I like the MCAT rollback for med students. Like everything else we have brought back online we need to do the same MCATs.

The SHSU will offer the D.O., in Osteopathic Medicine. There are only 3 colleges of Osteopathic Medicine in the state. The UH school will offer
the MD degree. Don’t ask me the difference, because I don’t really know; but I’m pleased with
what we have :slight_smile:

Both the D.O. (Osteopathic Medicine) and M.D. (Allopathic Medicine) degrees entitle a person to practice as a physician.

The accrediting agencies for the two (allopathic v. osteopathic) are different though.

Osteopaths also receive training in how to do various forms of spinal manipulation, and put somewhat more emphasis on a “holistic” approach to healthcare; as such, they are more likely to go into primary care settings, though they can also work as specialists if they go through the residency, internships, fellowships, etc., just like a MD.

I’m told that Osteopathy recognizes fewer specialties than Allopathy, but someone out there who is a physician will have to confirm that for me.

I’ve had primary care doctors who were MDs, AND primary care doctors who were DOs. They were all about the same.


Although UHLaw gave you an articulate and precise answer I will give you an answer from the streets.

If you want the care for yourself or an immediate family member then you should choose an MD.

If you are asked for advice by a family member who has no first degree beneficiaries or the neighbor who’s dog does his business on your lawn then you might want to recommend a Osteopath,

Of course. I am a decent person and all of the above are licensed by the appropriate authority. I am sure the graduates are all fully capable.

I ran into a couple of Osteopath. One guy even did the pre-surgery evaluation. I am still here. Knock on wood.

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