WSU at UH, Sat., Jan. 20, 2018, at 11:00 a.m. (W 73-59)

(Shawn) #1

I will be attending the WSU game on Saturday with a group of 8 or 9 co-workers (1 of which is a WSU grad). Is it better to pay for parking onsite at the TSU H&PE Arena or park at the UH lot and take the shuttle to/from the game. Thanks for your suggestions. Looking forward to a UH W over a top-25 program. A win here will go a long ways to helping UH staying inside the discussion for a spot in March Madness. Go Coogs.

(David) #2

I have done both this season. Of course, parking at H&PE Arena is more convenient since you are right across from the entrance. It’s getting out of the garage that is the issue. With the smaller crowds this season, it was not bad the one time I used it. But, after last year’s NIT, I sat in the garage for a while (not quite as bad as the Memphis vs. UH TDECU game when Postma delivered the comeback but still annoying especially after a loss in the NIT).

For Tulsa, they had several shuttles running. I hope they have several again Saturday. I highly recommend the shuttle if you don’t mind the short wait after the game to catch the next shuttle bus and the weather cooperates. However, I do recommend getting there very early since the crowd should be better than any game thus far and we know there will be longer than usual lines to get into the arena.


I thought they were playing this one at the Rockets home?

(David) #4

There was speculation / rumor / consideration but I asked at the last game and they said H&PE. And everything I have seen in social media from UH confirmed that this week.

(zx504) #5

Cougar Pride needs to designate a parking area inside the garage for those with RED PASSES.
Why give $5000 to get a red pass when I can just give $5 at the gate and park???


(David) #6

Or make that garage a CP Donor only parking spot - first come, first serve. I am not quite at your level but was used to the parking garage pass at the Hof but I did not make the cut for passes at TSU.

One of the challenges would be how many spots do you designate each game for CP donors. You will need a lot this Saturday but not many for the PVA&M type games. I assume they made the cutoff where they did for Red Passes because technically they would fill up the garage or most of it if they all attended a basketball game?

I guess the lack of other public parking options at H&PE arena created unique challenges for this one year.

(Patrick) #7

I thought those with Red Passes parked on the first floor while everyone else parked on the 2nd floor or above. Is that not right?

Garage is ok, just be prepared to wait about 15-30 minutes after the game before you can get out of it.

Also, be prepared to get there early.

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Here is some more information on the shuttle:

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(Shawn) #11

Cougar Dave - thank you for sharing information about parking at TSU vs. the free shuttle from UH. I think we will try the free shuttle. We are planning an early morning breakfast, game time arrival at 10a, and staying until the very end as UH gets a big win vs. WSU. Go Coogs!

Will TSU let us in the H&PE Arena at 10a? Earlier? We want to get good GA seats. People complain about conference affiliation, not enough big-time exposures, etc. Saturday’s game IS BIG TIME MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL. I hope the H&PE Arena is full of RED! Go Coogs!

(David) #12

Per Twitter:

(Alfred Matthews) #13

taking the shuttle is so much better given that it’s free. i plan on leaving the house at 8:00 to ride the shuttle early before doors open. i need to get my front row seat mid court.

(Alfred Matthews) #14

i advise you to go earlier than that. like i said in my last post, im not taking chances. i plan on being in line before 9:30 when the doors open. it’s going to be crowded.

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(snoopcoog) #16

I’m trying to buy tickets online and it appears only general admission are available. Can that be true?

(Patrick) #17

They are expecting a big crowd. Highest ranked team to play here since the Penders years.

(David) #18

The reserved seats seem very limited. I think it is only Secs A & Z in the 200s as well as the 100s court-side seats. Good to have reserved season tickets for this one.

(David) #19

(Alfred Matthews) #20

because the reserved tickets are already sold out. GA is better anyway cause you can sit anywhere.