WTH. Ticket & Clock Chaos!

(Mark Jacob) #1

Madhouse getting ticket at window and the damn clock still doesn’t work!!!
Line for tixs blocking half the entry doors. No management around organizing the line!
You want people to come see the lady Coogs then be ready and have a plan!

(Patrick) #2

5 windows on the Holman side, only 2 for ticket sales as 1 for coaches, 1 for recruits, and 1 for media will call. Those 3 were empty while there was a long line backed up to the door.

Just weren’t prepared today. Ticketing continues to be a sore spot for the department.

(Nick K) #3

buy online, print at home.

(Mark Jacob) #4

$6 tix if you showed a men’s tix. Otherwise I agree w/ you.
Never did see the chicken & Waffle brunch.

(Patrick) #5

Chicken and waffles were at the stand right when you walked in from Holman. Decent stuff, nothing to write home about, but liked that they tried something new.

(Mark Jacob) #6

Shoot. I came in off Cullen and waited in line to get my tix. Just made the tip off.