WV PAT strategy

If you watched the West Virginia-Tennessee game you would have seen something new in the PAT department.

Instead of lining up for the kick, they would line up for the two point conversion, assess the defense and either take a delay of game and then bring out the kick team or go for it.

I think its pretty innovative. We will see how it pans out statistically over the course of several games.

My guess is it will work.

Jake Spavital is their OC and has complete control of their offense, including the decision to go for it or not. He will make a great head coach somewhere next year.

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Did they ever go for it?

Makes sense with the new roles governing play clock rules after TDs. If they see the other team not ready, might as well go for the extra 2…especially in the 1st half. In the 2nd, timeouts become too important to possibly use in this fashion.

Hope our guys take note.

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