Ya woo cougar football

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I’m still getting this message. Of course, I am at work so maybe it’s being blocked for some reason.


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That might be the case. It is working over here on my and a few other people’s ends


Try phone…work well on mine.

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So, Instead of “talking about them cougars” during the whomp whomp song, or the other profanity version, how about saying:


Just a thought.


Whoa there…cowboy…no, we can’t change the womp, womp for that slogan…think of something else…

(Charles) #67

Call the team from the tunnel with “YA WOOO COUGARS!” sort of like calling the hogs.

(WRB) #68

Bring back the growl!


Just so I don’t make a fool of myself while saying ywcf… is it pronounced “yah” or “yay”?

(Charles) #70

“yah” of course.



I find it ironic that a misplaced teasip is complaining about lack of parking around the UH campus. Perhaps he should revisit the Cow college campus in LaLa land (Austin) and find a parking spot on the day of a football game …or any other day for that matter.


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It’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. I actually have a BBA from UT Austin and MS from UH. I literally had to follow someone to find a parking spot at UT. I never had any parking issues at UH.

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One of my buddies has this get up in Austin.BOLD Keep it “interesante” :joy::joy::joy:



Freak show.


… And someone should tell the DJ, who seems to be oblivious to whatever else is happening in the stadium, not to play over this new cheer.

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I love the idea of calling the Coogs with YA WOO!