Yahoo-Players can play up to 4 football games a year and still redshirt per new NCAA rule/NBC/CBS- Big changes in transfer rules

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Does this take effect this year? I love this rule. Allows us to get some freshman talent real game experience without losing elibility. Should come in handy in mop up situations where we don’t want starters or even primary backups getting injured.

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“Perhaps the bigger overarching rule that was adopted by the NCAA Division I Council earlier in the week was a new “notification-of-transfer” model. This essentially takes the school’s power out of the decisions of where a player can and can’t go by allowing a player to simply inform the program of a desire to transfer. In turn, the player’s name will be added to a national “transfer database” which allows coaches from other programs to contact that player without restrictions.”

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it will grow on me. for the reasons you named I’m starting to like it.

that transfer rule is long over due though.

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That second rule takes some transfer possibilities from us imo. Because most transfer out of conference because of the school blocking them from going in conference. But freshman playing getting experience is always a good thing

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Good for transfer rule change. They need to get rid of the one year sit out rule too, provided the kids is leaving in good standing.

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I’ve always thought the old rules were un-American.

Only bad part from article:
“Sadly, the rule is not retroactive to players who may have taken a few snaps here or there in the past few years.”

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Love both rules, but it is too bad that the 4-game rule isn’t retroactive for players still on rosters. We have a number of guys that could get an extra year.

From 2017:

  • Bardwell - 2 games
  • Mitchell - 4 games
  • Small - 1 game

From 2016:

  • Lark - 4 games

But, it works out well because now, when we play TSU, if we want to get Clayton Tune some experience without burning his redshirt, we can put him in there late. Same for a number of other players that may not get much playing time this season.

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“It’s getting more and more (close to) free agency, it appears, so we’ll see how that all plays out,” Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury told The Athletic. “If you’re continuing to recruit players after they’re on somebody else’s campus, and if they have a bad game or the coach yells at them and they’re not happy with their coach and they can just come to you and continue that relationship, and you shoot ’em a DM or a text saying, ‘Hey, I saw Coach yelling at you, why don’t you come play for us? We treat players better’ — you don’t really want to get into that game.”

The NCAA says tampering with a current student-athlete at another school will now be a potential Level 2 violation, but as Kingsbury also correctly pointed out, tampering is a violation that that has rarely been enforced and subsequently penalized. This is a concern and is already happening in the graduate transfer market, and it is nearly impossible to regulate.

“I don’t really want my assistants fielding phone calls from kids that are playing for some of my peers in this profession, either,” West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen said. “There are some things I’m uneasy about. … We don’t know if (the transfer issue) is over and done with, if they’re going to continue to look at it and continue to discuss. I would assume it’s going to be trial and error and they’re going to continue to evaluate and look at it.

“There’s some danger in what they’re doing now. I mean, there really is. I’m thankful they’re not granting immediate eligibility (to all transfers).”

This offseason, Holgorsen blocked defensive lineman Lamonte McDougle from transferring to any Big 12 schools as well as any opponent on West Virginia’s nonconference schedule over the next four years.

“My biggest thing is, nobody forced those kids to sign a National Letter of Intent,” Holgorsen said. “Fulfill your obligation when you sign it. You committed to it. Get your degree. With the academic advantages and the amount of schools, you can get it done quickly, you can get your degree in three years and you can still go somewhere else (as a grad transfer).”

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Dana’s right these kids need to sign their LOI and figure their commitments for the years. They should just stick up whatever hand they get dealt and be thankful. Breaking commitments is for adults who sign contracts and leave at any point it is most beneficial or convenient to them, or of the coach isn’t leaving he can always retract the schools commitments to you at the end of every year. Since this scholarships are a year to year thing after all.

Gotta love the hypocrisy of college football coaches.