YES! 34 year drought OVER

(PortlandCoog) #1

First tourney win since 1984.

And Rob Gray. ROB GRAY!

(Albert) #2

I’m 35 and I’m so glad that I’ve finally seen them win a NCAA tournament game!!!


66 and I’m glad, too. McDaniels is a baller. Aztecs are gonna be awesome next year. Great win.

(Mike) #4

Go Coogs

(Alfred Matthews) #5

i wasnt even born last time we won a tourney game prior to tonight. let that sink in.

(Patrick) #6

LEts make it two in a row :wink:


Bobby G woulda had 43 if they counted both those goaltends


Sukie with the Bomb! Yes, this game would have been over had we got our 4 extra points…


Graduating from Bauer in May. So happy!!


Basketball facility, new arena, great coach…this is just the beginning.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

big time recruits too

(Pablo) #12

It’s about time! Finally!


Yes about damn time, no excuse for a 34 year drought we are in 4th largest city in America with big time basketball players all around us, no damn excuse go coogs

(PortlandCoog) #14

There was a ton of administration neglect for many years.


We can’t undo the last 30 years, but we sure can enjoy a new era of Houston Cougar basketball.

(Mike Higdon) #16

Well I was and I missed going to the tourney so often with Guy at the helm. But a new day has dawned on Cougar basketball.


I had hair and was thin. 1984. Those were the days.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #18

I remember that last win …

That was a looooong time ago. 4 years before I arrived on campus my freshman year.

Today is a proud day for us Coogs. Thank you, 2018 Coogs!