You have to admire the Astros

No matter who goes down they come up with someone from Round Rock to fill the void. They are the best organization in sports (next to the Patriots).


The Warriors beg to differ.


Ok I will throw the Warriors in there. You could also throw the Red Sox in the mix.

But what the Astros have built is impressive.


They are very impressive. As a long suffering Houston pro sports fan, they have definitely been a breath of fresh air for the last few years. It also appears they have laid a foundation to be good for the foreseeable future. They won’t win it every year, but they should be mentioned in the handful of teams that could win it each year. I’m definitely good with that.


Yordan Alvarez…oh my goodness!!!


I was at the Astros game today, and it looks as though Alvarez is for real. Hell, it appeared that he barely swung at and connected with the ball, and yet, amazingly, it still cleared the CENTER FIELD fence!!!

That guy appears to have some AMAZING POWER!!! GREAT DH prospect!!!


He’s 6’5" 235 and only 21 years old…Big Poppy in the making!


I have never seen anything like this kid. 4 homers in 5 games. I have never seen power like this


It’s crazy! The record this team has been able to achieve with basically a AAAA roster is stunning. Yes, they have been fortunate that we hit a fairly weak part of the schedule, but WOW. What would our record be if we were at full strength?

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When the Stros are back at full strength, the line up is:

Springer CF
Altuve 2B
Brantley LF
Alvarez DH
Bregman 3B
Correa SS
Reddick RF
Gurriel 1B
Chirinos C

Good gracious!!! That is like a 1927 Yankees or 1970’s Big Red Machine lineup.

Correa is the wildcard, I am starting to wonder about him.


I love our lineup but have you seen the Yankees projected lineup after recently acquiring Edwin Encarnacion? When they get Stanton and Judge back, that lineup will be disgustingly good. Outside of Verlander and Cole, I worry about our pitching against them in a seven game series. I hope we can get another front line starter.

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You can always count on the Yankees adding players but for whatever reason they just don’t scare me. The Twins don’t scare me either. The Rays? Not so much.

The Rangers if they make it into the playoffs scare me only because it kicks my Houston sports fan paranoia and dread into high gear. It would be so Houston to have a great team lose to the freaking Rangers.

The Dodgers in the series is what I see. That will be tough. The Dodgers are as loaded as the Astros.

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I’d like to pick up Max Scherzer…and move Peacock to middle relief…stage set!!

If the Astros got Scherzer, that would be a rap. Hand them the trophy. But if the Nats were hesitant to trade Harper, I would think they would feel the same to trade Scherzer, wouldn’t they? Anyways, say we were able to trade for him, what do you think it would cost to get him? Kyle Tucker? He certainly wouldn’t be cheap.

That Yankees bullpen on paper looks formidable for a seven game series and their lineup against our 3-5 pitchers leave something to be desired. If it comes to that, hopefully the Astros will have home field advantage because a rockin’ Yankee stadium in October is like a hornets nest. I agree that a matchup with the Rays may have us favored but man I wish we wouldn’t have let Morton walk. He was the one piece that I would have liked to keep from last year ( even more than Keuchel and Marwin).

He would be awesome no doubt! But i would be totally be ok with a Madison Bumgarner type.

tucker and forrest maybe more

He’s good but he’s also a jackwagon!

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It would be tough for me to give up forrest Whitley. Too much upside there. He’s a possible future ace.