YouTube is officially part of the conspiracy


So I go to YouTube to see what’s up in my subscriptions and what do I see but the official Alabama 2018-2019 football hype video. Completely unsolicited, except I do watch old games, but not bama.

So about a month ago I got to thinking, gee, I hope the Coogs publish a hype video before July.

So where is our hype?! Is there even going to be any TV exposure like hype videos before the week of the rice game? Just wondering.


At any point did u click a video regarding Case vs Alabama freshman year? If so that’s why. The You tube algorithm can be odd that could be a reason.


(David) #3

Where have you been? Major was hired to coach the team and killed all hope, hype, etc. for the football program. There is no sense marketing this team because we are scroomed. It’s true…I have read it here on Coogfans.


I don’t buy it, besides, CMA isn’t in charge of PR.


Oh, man, I forgot. I did watch a highlight reel of that game a couple of months ago!!! Dang it.

(David) #6

Sorry…I brought sarcasm and exaggeration baggage with me from the Diamonds in the Rough thread.

(YaW00CougarFootball) #7

All hype videos and promo vids vanished when LakesCreates moved to Austin and then NYC