Zach Evans

17 year old kids.

Man I hate to see how some of you treat your kids.

High horse college football fan: “well my child, you failed your math test, get out and live in the woods and I hope you don’t die.”

Kid: “sorry dad”

High horse college football fan: “no excuses and no second chances for you! Now get out!!!”


I hope he has a career ending injury right before the NFL draft!

Signed: High horse college football fan!!::rofl::rofl:

I’m pretty sure he’s had 2nd and 3rd chances. And they weren’t trivial violations.

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He should make a great professional football player.

You’re assuming people are consistent.
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He had the offer from Georgia taken from him so hes it was their decision. The kid has consistently behaved like a punk and how he 8s searching for takers.
No I would not touch him at all. Comparison to Scarlett Johanson is not a good one.

Wouldn’t mind having him at UH. We signed guys with off the field issues before, just let him know he’s on thin ice and have him earn trust.

Except for rare situations like Ed Oliver, we aren’t getting guys with this kind of talent without some trouble in their past.


Chad McCullar anyone?

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So true… :joy:. I get it. I’m not certain of the circumstances, but I have a feeling he’s just been a diva lately. Being a diva isn’t a crime! You shouldn’t throw the KID away for life bc of that. Chris Carter- CMON MAN! No way in hell Deion sanders goes on primetime TV and backs this guy up if the violations were a danger to society. If he is NOT raping and killing people like some of these yahoo’s, he can probably be put back on the right path. Until someone shows me an arrest record with specific details, Or he commits to THE University of Houston (I ‘d take him BTW) I am just going to ignore this post.

Probably needs a little guidance and mentoring. Coach Sampson would be perfect! Unfortunately…

Lastly, this professional/amateur football life isn’t for everyone. Everybody doesn’t make it ans a lot of the times it is the most gifted guys physically who don’t. That’s okay, we are in America baby. Get a job son!

The issues this kid has are not “off field”. They are team disruptors, repeated team discipline problems, multiple team rules violations, and disrespect for the coaches.


Surely he knows that most college coaches won’t put up with that for very long. He’s going to land at somebody’s program. What he does from there is up to him.

Would love to be a fly on the wall with he and Holgy hashing it out.

Isn’t the University of Miami hiring…errr…recruiting. Sounds like a good fit.

Chad McCullar - oh man, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Damn good player that should’ve crushed for 4 years.

Eddie McCray (DE from Baytown) is the other guy that stands out to me from that 2003 team that should’ve been big.

Of the violations listed, maybe it would worth a shot to rehab a kid for all but the disrepect to coaches. For me, that’s the deal breaker.

Holgorsen was hired win football games and he can do that just fine without being nursemaid to a thumb-sucking brat who sasses adults.

Let someone else do it.

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Not sure he’d go to UH. Ego to big. Would rather go juco. Likely A&M bound.

Are we really going to judge a 17 year old kid we don’t know personally? Keep in mind that some on this very board act like turds on a daily basis and are without the excuse of not having experienced this thing called life. Weighing on if he should be here if the interest was mutual is one thing. Calling the kid a punk is another. Cut it out.


I’m not going to take personal shots at the kid or going to use derogatory words. But there are numerous examples indicating he’s probably got a pretty big problem with authority right now. I hope for his sake he’s able to get it together.

If CDH wanted to give him a shot and he was interested in coming here (both huge ifs), I’d be fine with it and hope he’s able to get it together. But I’m definitely not pining hoping to sign him.

I understand pointing out character issues associated with his generation and age group. But congregating and taking turns piling on a 17 year old is pathetic. The irony is people here are questioning his maturity level, when the previously mentioned is what kids do; alienate and pile on. We have to be better than that as "mature " adults. Or by all means, share our own stories of being perfect and non rebellious at 17.

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