Zach Vaughn subs for Ed Oliver?!


Just finished watching the SMU game again. Noticed that Zach Vaughn spelled Ed Oliver for a few plays. Does that mean Flemming is hurt or did Vaughn earn the #2 DT spot? I thought Vaugn was a DE anyway.

(Patrick) #2

Haven’t watched the replay, which plays were they?

(Jay C.) #3

Could have been 3rd and long situations, trying to get pass rushers on the field.

(Paul Marlow) #4

It may be to get pass rushing ability on the field. I noticed we blitzed more than I remembered in the SMU game, but was not able to get to the QB.

(Eric Prado) #5


Vaughn goes in at about 10:40 in the fourth. Ed comes back later but Zach spells him a few more times .