Zion Illegal Payments Alleged By Former Agent

I guess Cleveland St will be on probation soon.


No one should be surprised that this happened.

Absolutely no surprise at all, and if not Cleveland State, then UNC Asheville


Anyone who believes the bluebloods don’t cheat is naive


Unfortunately the way of the world is that once you get to the top, you do anything to stay there. It is the extremely rare person/team/company/group that doesn’t fall under this rule, not the other way around…


Lol and the sky is blue…

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Far more schools than just bluebloods cheat. Its usually hard to outbid a Duke or Kentucky though.


That’s why the G League won’t get a lot of 5 stars. They will be out bid by a lot of schools like Duke and Kentucky. The G League can’t match many schools offers.

Although they are not a basketball power, apparently UT Austin is throwing out huge sums of money as evidenced by signing Greg Brown who turned down a $400,000 G league contract to get his education at UT


And that is for one year because we all know he’s one and done. UT better make the final four or it will be a waste of money but we know that’s pocket change to them.


They got their money back with interest from Durant. Not sure about these guys lately, seems like a waste of so much cash with no conference titles or tournament success.


if the new ruling goes forward that athletes can make $ on their likeness then this all is moot anyway. All these monies will be paid by rich alums using the likeness of the athlete, for their car dealership, chicken buckets, sporting goods…law firms, oil field equipment, hair salons…
the question is how many UH athletes will be getting money for thier likeness on a Golden Nugget Billboard :wink:

Take it from a man who’s seen it and had to retrieve some for coaches…two words, prepaid visas.

Its ridiculous how bad a lot of schools cheat. They have MANY ways to land who they want.

It’s both a floor wax and a dessert topping!

Come on you guys, don’t be so judgemental. Those weren’t illegal payments, they were merely scholarship enhancements.

I remember Coach Pete Bell pinned a trio of talented players: Neon Boudeaux , Butch McRae, and Ricky Roe. And he was as Blue Chip if a coach and a program as any and the amount of money he paid was huge.

Funny thing was Neon Boudeaux would Have come for free. He just assumed he wanted money and a car.

Damn shame.

Just look at that shine, and it taste good too!!

Most underrated movie of all time!

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What movie was that?

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