0 offensive touchdowns is worse than losing to Rice

Kim Helton thinks this offense is boring and predictable.


Dana’s ball control offense is really a 3.5 minute per drive offense without the points. He’s putting the defense back on the field just as fast as if he were running an Air Raid. They’re just in worse field position.


Exactly. But I don’t think Donovan Smith has the field vision or instincts to lead an air raid.

King could do it with Briles back in 2018. We just didn’t have the depth at defense to play that many snaps.

The fact that we scored zero offensive TDs for the first time in 9 years and this was the first time for a CDH led offense in 10 years tells me he has regressed as a coach and leader of a program.

It’s his job to make sure his players were ready to play Rice and it was his job to have a game plan and personnel that could execute against a Big 12 opponent.

Kendall Briles offenses are going to put up numbers. I thought Belk’s defense made just enough game changing plays to set CDH’s offense up for success. But CDH’s team was 4/15 on 3rd down and 0/4 on 4th down. And his quarterback took 4 sacks tonight that were completely due to a lack of looking down field and stepping up in the pocket to deliver a strike to an open receiver. We also have a quarterback that threw his receivers out of bounds on two critical 4th downs in the end zone.

A good quarterback would have converted those two plays and we could be sitting here singing a different tune about this team’s progress.

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David, dude! It wasn’t just those two. He was throwing to receivers OOB all night. Hell, on one fourth down he through to a non receiver standing beside the line judge. His performance was bad. 14.2 QB rating.

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Oh I know there were others. I’m not looking for perfection from a 3 star transfer. I’m looking for just enough plays to show me we’ve got something brewing here.

Dana did call some executable plays tonight. I thought the goaline package rollout was a brilliant call on that 4th and 1. Donovan Smith might need more time and maybe we should chalk this year up to a transitional season. But CDH should be finding creative ways to get positive yards via the run game. He did it with Carrier. Why can’t he do it with Golden?

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I think there is more to the story here. I think there is a big faction of donors that have basically gone to Duarte and said “ we got your back!” Lay into this Guy and don’t let up.

UH is building a case against his termination ina public forum.

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Still a drunk.

I don’t know if he needs donor backing to tell the truth, even though it’s ugly.

Why would we ever hire a coach like that unless had a number of Nattys on his resume?