02/28 - NO jump - Still at #14

Two really good wins last week and no movement… :roll_eyes:

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Plus 6 teams ahead of us lost…


But we are 11 points away from #13 and over 200 points away from #15.

And our friend Seth Davis has re- taken his thrown as King Douche……#19



Also #14 in the Coaches Poll

I guessed #13. Tough when the top six and #9 lose. Guess #9 Tech didn’t fall below us. Teams like Tennessee and Arkansas gained in stature. I want to get into the four seed line.


I think we have a Final Four shot. Roberts and Walker have added a presence to this team. If we can count on Edwards for 15-20 a game, we will go far. I am actually very excited.


Not that it’s that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but with all of the upsets over the weekend, I truly thought we were jumping some. smh

Yeah, but they typically lost to ranked teams or they themselves were ranked so high a loss wouldn’t drop them below us. We haven’t played enough ranked teams to get us much higher right now.

Win the last 3 games and the AAC tournament, and UH should be no worse than a 3 seed.

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I hope you’re right.

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Do yaw really think we can beat the teams ahead of us? I don’t. 14 is a good spot.

I think we can beat any of them…now whether we will is another question.


Purdue, Tennessee, Tech, Wisconsin?

I think we could hang and potentially those teams if we saw them in March

Is that a serious question?

If everything is even and we are not fatigued we can beat every single one of them….does not mean 100% we win, but we are capable for sure.

Go look at the schedules of every team ahead of us….look at their losses… even Gonzaga. …they looked very beatable the other nite when St. Mary’s beat them.


If we play like yesterday there isn’t anyone we can’t beat. The emergence of Walker and Roberts is significant. They now make us a tough out. Edwards will determine how far we go. If he gets hot for a month, we definitely could go all the way. If he plays like he did two weeks ago we could get into the second weekend but no further. You know what you are going to get out of Carlton and White.

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