05/04 vs Rice - 6:30p ctl - ESPN + / (W 8-2)


" HOUSTON – University of Houston Baseball looks to capture its sixth Silver Glove Series title, and second in the last three chances, when it takes on cross-town rival Rice at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday from Sanders Field at Schroeder Park."

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Looking good so far…

5-1 good guys in fourth. Good crowd to boot including Coog legends Elmo Wright and Wade Phillips


And the band is even there?!?

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6-2 Coogs in sixth and how about the softball Coogs breaking a 4 game losing streak with a pair of 3-2 wins over the Aggies today.
Always a great day when the Coogs beat the Aggies!


6-2 bottom eighth . Glad Rice has Cruz, jr coaching and not playing lol. This is not a good Rice team

8-2 bats are working it tonight

Always good to beat the Owls


Never gets old. :slightly_smiling_face:


Coogs move to 30-15 on the year


“With the win, Houston (30-15) locked up its 30th victory, doing so in its fewest total games (45) since replicating the feat in the 45th game during 2015.


Win 3 out of 4.

If we only have to lose one then let it be to Sam Houston lol

Sweep of the Shockers would be nice. They’re having a rough one this season 15-30 and 4-11 in AAC. RPI#169 and SOS#50. Go Coogs !!!


Wish that SHSU game was on espn+…

Also, Suck it Rice!

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I think the Coogs have to win all 4.

That’s where there are at this point. They can’t afford a single loss to these high RPI teams. The Coogs RPI isn’t good enough to take the hit.

RPI wise, they can survive a loss to ECU and one to UCF, but Rice, Sam, and WSU they have to sweep.

If the Coogs win the regular season title but not the tournament, it may be possible to get an at-large with a 50+ RPI… Maybe… Just like basketball, the committee values regular season champs.

But losing to a really crappy WSU, even on the road will really hurt the Coogs. They can’t afford a loss to an over 100 RPI team… And they need a minimum 2 of 3 vs ECU and UCF. It will be interesting to see if they can pull it off.

Go Coogs


xDC bringing reality heat to the pep rally. Appreciate the veracity.


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