07192018 - The HRR Interviews Ronald Hughey, UH women

July 19, Listen to Ronald Hughey, UH women’s basketball head coach, recap the 2017-'18 season; look ahead to 2018-'19 including his goal of reaching the Sweet Sixteen; and more…


I’m enjoying this interview and Hughey has recruited a new fan.


He’s raising the expectations which is good. I think he can back it up and make the NCAA tourney this year.

I want to see this program reach the insurmountable odds of challenging UCONN for conference titles.

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I loved his comments at the end about raising attendance. Playing national teams raises eyebrows and the curious will come out to see this team that is playing these national teams. Of course you are going to have to win a few of those games.
Then his comment about you have to do a little more then offer a popcorn and a coke when you live in a city like Houston.
I’m glad to see the success the girls had last year and I’m sure it felt good to Coach Hughey after only winning 6 games the first 2 years and 12 games the year before. It had to vindicate to himself his philosophy of playing and coaching does lead to winning and success at the College level.
Hats off to the Administration for allowing Coach Hughey’s plan to work and not yank it out before it had time to take effect.
Now like Coach Sampson, Coach Hughey have past the rebuilding stage and are now in the maintaining or improving stage. I have high hopes for both programs.

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