1-11 vs P5 and Future P5

Since being hired in time for the 2019 season, Holgo is a whopping 1-11 vs P5 or future P5 (UCF, Cincy, BYU) opponents. Most of the losses were not close.


  • L 31-49 @ OU
  • L 24-31 vs Wazzu (NRG)
  • L 23-38 vs Cincy
  • L 29-44 @ UCF


  • L 26-43 vs BYU
  • L 21-44 vs UCF
  • L 10-38 @ Cincy


  • L 21-38 vs Tx Tech (NRG)
  • L 20-35 @ Cincy
  • W 17-13 vs Auburn (Birmingham Bowl)


  • L 30-33 (2OT) @ Tx Tech
  • L 30-48 vs Kansas

Starting next year, these are our peers. We get probably 9 games per year against this competition. Hope it gets turned around quick.


He ain’t going anywhere…


And neither is this program, for the foreseeable future.


Except to 2 bowl games in 2 seasons… Our offensive skill players and both O/D lines look good going into the Big 12.

I’m most concerned with QB and secondary going into next year… Emery looks like a legit player, though.


How did he do at WV against ranked teams?

Terrible. Even at WVU, Dana’s record against ranked opponents wasn’t good.


Never beat Oklahoma even when WV was good.

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Exactly that’s what I’ve been saying for the last year or so, we haven’t beaten anyone worthwhile, just weak teams, I’m really concerned about next year, but we do have a lot coming back on offense



Our d-line looks good going into next year? We lose quite a few players. Neal, Belk, Jones, Bankston, and Parish are all gone. Who replaces them that got significant playing time this year. Better yet, what players provide depth?


What is the point of this thread, to say how much you hate CDH? Do we actually need another thread for that? What purpose does it serve?


You are still complaining after perhaps our best showing of the year at ECU?
I have not been happy with this year either, but I still root for our Coogs whenever and whomever we play.
Saturday made me wonder where this team has been all year, but if we can finish the regular season with a home win against Tulsa, I will take that 8-4 record over the alternative!
I have said it repeatedly that I am not a Holgy fan, never have been, but if he is the one who will be coaching us in the coming years I will still support the program to the best of my ability.
And starting next year we move back into the big leagues meaning we will get much more exposure, make a lot more money and be on a more equal playing field with the other Big 12 schools.
And one thing I do like about our coach, he has experience in the Big 12 and will at least know what to prepare for.

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Of course no one else in the big 12 did either :sunglasses:


We will have to see how recruiting is going big12 wise once in bc you can’t compare us playing p5 teams while recruiting at a g5 level.


Ask yourself, is the program better today than when he took over after the thrashing by Army in the bowl game?

I don’t even worry about CDH’s record the first two years here. Do you go back and look at Kelvin Sampson’s record the first two years?


I’d agree, it’s last yr and this yr that matter.

Agreed. CDH will be coaching us into the Big 12 next year and we might as well get behind the team. We have all been frustrated at times this season but it could be worse. If he struggles next year than I am sure a change will be made… but something makes me think that we will have our ups and downs and still end up around 6-6 or 7-5 next year. And guess what… no bad wins or losses in the Big 12.

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Very insightful post. 1-11. To say the least.

Dot and Nelson Cesar are our best d linemen thats returning next year. We can rely on Dot to plug up holes, but we need more than jusr Cesar rushing off the edge.

I wouldn’t say that it clearly is one way or the other.


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