1/2 Season Predictions So Far?

Almost halfway home…How’s yours going ? I am sticking with my 10-2



I can see 11-1 and I can see 5-7. Depends on which of the two Cougar teams I’ve seen this year decides to show up.

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Probably would have been better to wait until we got to the halfway point. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go with 9-3 but I reserve the right to change my mind after we have played 6 games. :wink:


Just out of curiosity, what 4 other teams on our schedule do you think we might lose to?

Blind luck would get us to six wins. 9-3 is probably the most statistically likely. As long as we get eight I win my season bet on win totals :slight_smile:


The best way to pick a 9-3 season is not predict the losses. That way if you thought they might lose to team A and B but they lose to team C and D, instead of getting 4 wrong you can claim you got them all right.


9-3 seems legit. If we beat Temple I think we go 11-1.


Just out of curiosity, what 4 other teams on our schedule do you think we might lose to?

Everyone but ECU.

Well, my 14-0 is out the window, so I’m holding on 13-1.


12-2 only game we lose is ucf in conference

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I predicted 10-2. When JD @ Chron put his out I sent him mine via twitter. I had us losing to Tech, Navy, he had 10-2 also losing to Tech, Memphis. Long way to go !!

11-1 is possible
10-2 is likely

1 in conference loss
1 AAC championship loss

Depending on how you look at it…we will have either over-achieved or were vastly underrated. The betting line on the Coogs for the season total wins was 7 1/2.

I am thinking 10-2 at this point…vastly underrated.

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14-0… We win out and it is later discovered that TT played with ineligible players and has to forfeit all victories.

We are declared national champions, the PAC comes calling and Alabama wants to play us 2 games at TDECU.

Sounds rational !!!


Those of you like Ben who got in on the 7.5 win bet are looking really good right now. By the time I got to Vegas the sportbooks weren’t taking them for us any more.

10-2 is my guess.

14-0 we will win the rest of our games, the AAC championship, the NY6 bowl game and Tech will be forced to forfeit all of its wins because of major rules infractions (something UT did that the NCAA will throw the book at Tech for).