1/2 Season Predictions So Far?

At best we are one game ahead of the line at this point. Unless of course you think that the 7 1/2 wins didn’t include Rice, TSU and Tulsa.

7 1/2 wins might have been where/how Vegas expected us to play, but I think most on here would not consider an 8-4 season as success.

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12-2. One loss to somebody.

One road loss to a good Tech team is not looking too bad.
What is the status of I. Chambers? If he is back we could make a run,
but we cannot have anymore injuries to defensive secondary.

Chambers is out for the year. Payton Turner is squarely in the spot light now.

I think ECU has a better shot of beating us than SMU. In fact, a MUCH better shot. SMU is a dumpster fire this year.

Actually Logan Hall is in the spotlight. He has been playing more in the last few games. In addition, here is a chance for someone like Alexander Duke or Noah Jones to step up. If they are going to do it, now is the time.

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There was a true Freshman that got some playing time at DE in the Tulsa game. I think his name is Logan Hall.

Weight given as about 240 lbs. Small, but only a freshman. Good enough to get some playing time.

ECU and SmU are easy wins, I think a ranked USF will get stomped. Memphis looks weaker this year but is always close. Navy looks down too but we play there. Temple looks stronger, good thing it’s a home game. I think Tulane will be close too. I think we lose two more but win the west. UCF could be beat but it would be tough.

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COOGS go undefeated the second half of season. The defense will get better since Oliver will be subbed more often to keep him fresh the whole game.

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Bump to remind everybody of their mid-season expectation.

Last game was a major let down, but we are still where most of us thought where we would be.

Lets give the coaches the rest of the season.
We were upset when talks of our previous coaches leaving mid-season became a distraction.
We as fans shouldn’t be guilty of the same thing.
Perfectly OK to criticize, but can we save the “fire the coaches threads” until after our bowl game?

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Two of our best players didn’t play.

Still have a shot…

I get into this conundrum every year. I predicted 11-1, but certainly would have been happy with 10-2, assuming those losses were to Texas Tech and Temple, or even Memphis. Assuming we win out the regular season (yes, I know that’s a HUGE assumption), I’ll be disappointed because one of those losses was to SMU and never should have happened. The record just doesn’t tell the whole story. It matters who we lose to. Why does there have to be such a head-scratcher loss with this team every year?

It almost has gotten to the point whenever the Coogs play SMU up in Dallas it should never be thought of as an automatic win. All of our recent head coaches have lost at SMU, and all the losses have been butt whippings.

Well, most of us fell short on our predictions. Injuries just wiped out team. CMA seat will be burning hot next season, facing a tough OOC start.

Not just OOC. This year we got a pass by not having to play two of the three best teams in the conference. We play UCF and Cincy next year. Regardless if Milton makes is back, their freshman Mack is now getting huge experience with USF, now Memphis and next a big bowl game. They also return their top 2 backs and top 3 receivers. UCF will probably be a tougher game than OU or Washington State.