Where do we go from here?

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Is this a bowl team? I’m beginning to think they aren’t.

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make a bowl, win a bowl for the 1st time in years…accept our moral victory, enjoy the basketball season, hope we land that that 4* qb…


To Denton next Saturday in a game that we need to win.


I’ll be there. Hoping the offense can play 3 strong quarters at least and D can avoid the big play. Sucks season is on the line before we complete OOC. Time to right the ship.

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QB in Denton going to be harder to contain than the one we saw tonight ( went 7/20, next week , prob 20 to 30 completions ), scary …

Thank goodness UNT looks disappointing too. To think, I had this game circled at the start of the season. If we get beat by a team that SMU throttled, I won’t know what to think.

Can’t find 5 more wins on our schedule unless some serious improvements are made. Right now 3-9 looks like a reality

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I think there are 5 games left against teams who are worse than Tulane. Doesn’t mean we will win them all, but if we let Tulane get away we just have to take care of business against these teams. Before I thought Cincy was a good chance to pull an upset since we will be coming off a bye week and playing at home, but not feeling confident to put that into a possible win right now.


This is what I am thinking as well.

We started out 1-3 in Sumlin’s first season and had a shot to win the division at Rice in the last game of the season. Part of that was probably due to Ike. This year not having a full 6 days of rest yet may be kind of like that.

In 2006 we were 4-3, which included needing a miracle comeback to beat Rice and a home loss to ULala, even though we did have a close home win over a so-so Ok State and a close road loss to so-so Miami in there. We ended up winning the conference.

OU was the best team on our schedule. Wazzu is better than everyone but UCF on our schedule the rest of the way. Tulane is probably about on par with or better than the rest of the teams we play other than UCF and Memphis. Plus the rest of our better opponents will be at home other than UCF and we won’t have the three consecutive short weeks nonsense again.

I’m not saying we will go on a run like that this year, but I’m also not ruling it out (though beating UCF in Orlando is extremely unlikley).

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